The benefits of children – usefulness at home

hairdressing and head rub - Bubbablue and me

I never thought I’d have children when I was younger. I changed my mind over wanting them but I’m still not a baby person. And to be honest, some children are cute, funny or great for conversation, but most I can take them or leave them.  I can understand children more and talk to them, but would still rather have them once they’re communicating well (and are potty trained). Other than the fact he’s my child and obviously I love… Continue Reading “The benefits of children – usefulness at home”

Chores for a 3 year old

cleaning the sink

It seems three year olds love being like their parents.  N is definitely one of this group, as he loves to be like Daddy, doing ‘jobs’ on the farm (on Sunday, he spent almost 3 hours on the farm with his dad, riding on the tractor and helping clear out barns).  And he also likes doing jobs around the house. I can’t say that he’s particularly helpful yet when doing his jobs, but I’m all for letting him help out… Continue Reading “Chores for a 3 year old”