Do parents gain patience for driving after children

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I remember a friend telling me that having children makes you a lot more patient.  I’d say I’ve definitely chilled out with regards to being less strict than I expected I’d be. But I don’t think my patience has improved. Especially not with driving. I do love driving. But didn’t want to drive at 17 like so many of my friends did. I was at boarding school for 6th form and then at university, so I wouldn’t have had any… Continue Reading “Do parents gain patience for driving after children”

Do mums make the best drivers?

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I’ve been driving a while now although not as long as I might have done, given I didn’t want to learn at 17, and only really learnt to help my job prospects on leaving university.  First lesson I loved it and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had a company car for years, but recently had to buy my own car.  Crikey, insurance is a minefield, but as well as providing breakdown care they’re famous for, you can also get AA… Continue Reading “Do mums make the best drivers?”