First time excitement learning to drive with Young Driver

1st driving experience with young driver - bubbablue and me

When I heard about courses where children could learn to drive and then spotted that under 10s had their own version, I realised that it would make a perfect Christmas present for N.  But I was offered a review session so the 2 became one. N went on his Firefly lesson the other day. If you’ve not come across Young Driver before, they’re an organisation who offer driving lessons for under 17s.  The ethos being that teaching children to drive… Continue Reading “First time excitement learning to drive with Young Driver”

Do parents gain patience for driving after children

how much patience do parents have when dancing - Bubbablue and me

I remember a friend telling me that having children makes you a lot more patient.  I’d say I’ve definitely chilled out with regards to being less strict than I expected I’d be. But I don’t think my patience has improved. Especially not with driving. I do love driving. But didn’t want to drive at 17 like so many of my friends did. I was at boarding school for 6th form and then at university, so I wouldn’t have had any… Continue Reading “Do parents gain patience for driving after children”

Do mums make the best drivers?

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I’ve been driving a while now although not as long as I might have done, given I didn’t want to learn at 17, and only really learnt to help my job prospects on leaving university.  First lesson I loved it and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had a company car for years, but recently had to buy my own car.  Crikey, insurance is a minefield, but as well as providing breakdown care they’re famous for, you can also get AA… Continue Reading “Do mums make the best drivers?”