Pick pumpkins to be proud of from Millets Farm PYO

Millets farm pumpkin picking - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes children don’t want to do the activities suggested (food shopping anyone?).  But other times something sparks their imagination and they’re ready and waiting at the door to leave.  Picking a pumpkin is one of those times. I don’t really know why because we don’t go to town at Halloween at all.  But Millets Farm pick your own was something we did last year, and N obviously remembered and was keen to go again this year. I didn’t want to… Continue Reading “Pick pumpkins to be proud of from Millets Farm PYO”

Explaining no trick or treating


Halloween is always interesting to explain to children. Especially once there’s the peer pressure from school to go trick or treating. In the past N has had some kind of costume to go to nursery in. Although he’s not really into dressing up so it had mostly just been a pumpkin t shirt or Dracula cape. And the last few years we have carved or decorated pumpkins. But that’s mainly for the excitement of picking our own, or getting creative.… Continue Reading “Explaining no trick or treating”

How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit

newbie-tips to pick your own pumpkin and a trip to millets farm centre bubbablue and me

While I hate saying goodbye to the lovely summer weather we had in September, I do love autumn. Not only because it’s my birthday month but also for the colour, mists, sunrise and sunsets, bonfires and more. Pumpkins were never really on my mind until a few years ago when we went pumpkin picking at Hatton Adventure World. Autumn Last year we slacked and just bought one from the supermarket. But this year we wanted to go again. Because picking… Continue Reading “How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit”

Halloween party play

halloween party play - bubbablue and me

Being that time of year again, we’ve just had our traditional Halloween NCT party.  One of the girls often invites everyone round to their spookily decorated house for the children to play, the adults to chat, and for us all to eat way too much. N of course, decided beforehand that he didn’t want to go.  ‘I don’t like parties, I’m staying on the farm’.  No, you’re coming. I didn’t make him dress up because I knew he wouldn’t want… Continue Reading “Halloween party play”

How to pimp your pumpkin the easy way – Sharpie pumpkin art

Creating pumpkin art - Bubbablueandme

I know I’m late with my pumpkin post, but I like to take time to reflect!  And hey, I’m not yet talking Christmas. N was looking forward to having a pumpkin, so I agreed again we would carve one.  We chose a medium sized one this year – much easier to lug around and it was really quick to carve out. Last year, I bought a poundshop carving kit which was rubbish.  Then I used N’s kiddycutter knife which was… Continue Reading “How to pimp your pumpkin the easy way – Sharpie pumpkin art”

Living Arrows 2015 week 44 – halloween goggles

Ghost Hunt glasses

I think N’s just about getting into playing games now.  He loves UNO, but was really quite taken with a couple of Halloween games were were sent for a review. One of the games included these 3D glasses to add to the difficulty, read make the game impossible.  N just liked trying them on and looking round the room to see the rainbow 3D effect on everything. A retro item of my youth, still being enjoyed by the children of… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 44 – halloween goggles”

Halloween games for family nights in

watching the creepy hand

I’m trying to build up a stash of family games for N.  Games are something we used to play a lot of as children, and although he’s an only child, he’s got plenty of cousins to enable him to get into games if I’m not around. So far we’ve mostly stuck to card games like UNO which he loves for some reason (probably because he keeps beating me), and interactive games like Elefun (which I laugh at him playing because… Continue Reading “Halloween games for family nights in”

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere – getting ready for Halloween

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

Apart from books from school, we’ve not had many new books for N recently.  I think he’s generally really happy with repeating the rest of the books he has already.  But we were sent Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere as our next Parragon Book Buddies read. N does like a themed book at certain times of the year (he’s already had out the Christmas books!), so he’s been quite interested in this one as we’ve been able to talk about Halloween and… Continue Reading “Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere – getting ready for Halloween”

Pumpkin picking at Hatton Adventure World’s Pumpkin Week

pumpkin patch directions

Until last year I’d never carved a pumpkin.  Apart from the faff of removing the pulp and seeds, I really enjoyed carving it, so was looking forward to trying something else this year.  Hatton Adventure World asked if we’d like to come to Pumpkin Week and choose our pumpkin direct from the field, so of course I said yes. We only went to Hatton a few weeks ago so N could remember really well all the things he enjoyed, so… Continue Reading “Pumpkin picking at Hatton Adventure World’s Pumpkin Week”

I Want to be a Witch – Halloween books

I want to be a witch

Crikey, it feels like I’ve not written about books for so long.  We have been reading, well we’ve been reading picture books (I’ve not been reading myself!), and we’ve also had a clear out so we have a tiny amount of space for new books on N’s book shelves. The latest book we were sent to review is I Want to be a Witch by Ian Cunliffe, one of some new Halloween based launches from Little Tiger Press. I love… Continue Reading “I Want to be a Witch – Halloween books”