A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey

child friendly break in merton hotel jersery - Bubbablue and me

Our summer trip to Jersey was a bit last minute (as so many of our holidays are), and booked on a vague recommendation.  Plus it was somewhere we could fly to without passports, so we could tick off N’s wish to go on a plane. I’d asked around before booking a hotel because I was struggling to find somewhere. Lots of hotels looked like they didn’t take children, other big brand hotels that in the UK I’d think of as… Continue Reading “A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey”

First flight and a trip to Jersey

first flight and a trip to Jersey - Bubbablue and me

Aside from our early summer camping in Woolacombe, I wanted to take N away for a few days at the end of the summer holidays as well. He was bursting to go on a plane for the first time, but with me not having an in-date passport and he not having one at all, I was pretty limited on where to take him. Because it was summer, I wanted to go somewhere with beaches rather than a city break somewhere… Continue Reading “First flight and a trip to Jersey”

My Sunday Photo – pier

Eastbourne Pier black and white My Sunday Photo

We went away for a couple of days after Easter to the south coast.  We were so lucky with the weather, saw a couple of gold ‘supercars’ which I think were owned by the sheik who owns the pier at Eastbourne (and presumably a couple of the hotels given the gold lion touches. On the final day just before we left we managed to make it on to the pier.  There was no need to scramble for photos because we… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – pier”

Living Arrows 2015 week 30 – messy

Pasta bolognese mouth - Living Arrows

I really struggled to pick my Living Arrows shot for this week.  Having taken around 500 photos last week across 2 cameras and my phone while on holiday camping, whittling down the ones of N that really portrayed him was hard.  But I’ve chosen one finally. N’s always been a good eater, but I have found that with age he’s got messier rather than cleaner.  When he was weaning, everyone said that baby led weaning was really messy, but I… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 30 – messy”

Eating ‘posh’ fish and chips at Rockfish, Torquay

Rockfish Torquay condments

It had been my plan to do a full write up of the various restaurants we ate at when we were on holiday in Devon.  But it’s now weeks later and I’ve forgotten most of what I wanted to write. Instead, I’m just going to share one place which really stuck in my mind, because it was a lovely place to eat and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Torquay. Really, being on a seaside holiday should mean fish… Continue Reading “Eating ‘posh’ fish and chips at Rockfish, Torquay”

Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up

Month of firsts linky badge - Bubbablueandme

Phew, I wasn’t sure if I’d get this month’s post up on time, but result, here it is!  We’re into month 7 of month of firsts, and I was worried I’d not have any firsts to talk about.  But fear not, I have. In March, N Went to the zoo I suppose technically he has been to wildlife parks which have zoo animals, but Paignton Zoo was the first that he’s been to that names itself a zoo. He enjoyed it loads,… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 7 – buttoning up”

Colourful clothes for boys

coloured trousers on holiday

While I’m quite a conservative dresser myself (navies and purples make up a large part of my wardrobe), I do like to see N in brights. Not wacky but colourful clothes, something that pops colour, rather than just jeans and blue all the time.  When I see his clothes on the clothes horse, it does look like a lot of blue (ie does go with so much and there’s so much of it available), but I try and have either… Continue Reading “Colourful clothes for boys”

Introducing films to children – Disney and more

Until we went on holiday in October, N had never watched a film all the way through.  He could just about sit still for the 30 minutes of a Tractor Ted dvd, and had managed to watch 40 minutes or so or Rio (and had never seen the end because he always wanted to start it again from the beginning).  But a proper film, animated or otherwise was a no no. Obviously I don’t want him to be a tv-head,… Continue Reading “Introducing films to children – Disney and more”

Meet the Wookey Witch and Jack Sparrow at Wookey Hole Caves

Wookey hole great hall

I remember years ago as a child visiting Wookey Hole caves and Cheddar Gorge.  Bizarrely I can’t remember the actual holiday we were on as I can’t believe we’d have travelled that far for a day trip.  My brother doesn’t remember going at all, so it’s interesting how children’s memories are different.  I suppose N will never remember all the wonderful trips I’m taking him on, but never mind.  It’s all a learning experience and good to get out and… Continue Reading “Meet the Wookey Witch and Jack Sparrow at Wookey Hole Caves”