Thursford – organs and steam engines

Thursford Collection steam engines and organs - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes we visit some really random places.  Many of those that I’ve remembered since my own childhood, and the Thursford  was one of these. On a rainy day on our Norfolk holiday, we decided to change plans from the beach and head indoors.  The Thursford popped up as an alternative and N seemed keen to check out the steam engines. I always think hanging around until 10am for places to open is a pain when we’re ready to leave hotels… Continue Reading “Thursford – organs and steam engines”

Should you use or lose your guilty pleasures?

Guilty pleasures - do you have to give them up - Bubbablue and me

Hands up.  I admit it.  I have guilty pleasures.  Some of which are secret guilty habits.  And truthfully, some of them I don’t feel guilty about at all. Some might call them vices, and I guess if you think of vices as being bad for you, then my food guilty habits are probably vices.  I’ve never smoked or tried recreational drugs, and I don’t drink much.  But I do like food.  And considering we tend to buy the majority of… Continue Reading “Should you use or lose your guilty pleasures?”

The Snowman and Nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral

The snowman and nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral - Bubbablue and me

I’ve never been to Coventry Cathedral but recently we combined our love of music with Christmas and headed off there for The Snowman Tour concert. I’d seen it advertised a while back, and as N loves the Snowman and quite enjoyed the Paddington concert last year, I booked for us to go. I’d planned for it to be a good festive treat with us spending the afternoon in Coventry. I’d hoped to check out the transport museum that I’d been… Continue Reading “The Snowman and Nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral”

My cracking top 10 Christmas songs

Cracking top 10 christmas songs - Bubbablue and me

I love a good Christmas song, although Christmas carols are up there as well. I seem to have passed on my love of Christmas songs and music to N who discovered my Christmas compilation* album and has wandered off with the 3 CDs. I anticipate having to buy another set this year (again!) to replace it. Some might say Christmas songs are cheesy – maybe they are. But just listening to them makes me think of family memories from childhood,… Continue Reading “My cracking top 10 Christmas songs”

Music streaming through your tv with Electric Jukebox

Electric jukebox for tv music streaming - Bubbablue and me

We love music in our house. We might not agree all the time on what to play, but all of us enjoy listening to it. The OH and N love to rock (loudly and in the dark) while watching bands like Foo Fighters and ACDC. I prefer more eclectic tastes, listening to music in the car, or on the ipod or radio in the kitchen while cooking. And of course I dance a lot and hear a lot of new… Continue Reading “Music streaming through your tv with Electric Jukebox”

How to introduce kids to musical instruments with pBuzz

introducing kids to music with pbuzz - Bubbablue and me

N loves music. He’s getting to the stage though, where he wants to make more of it and do it his own way. Whether that be blasting rock out through the tv or CD player, or tinkering on the piano. More often than not, N’s making up a song with whatever random words are going through his head at the time. I love his singing. Totally spontaneous, and it rarely makes much sense at all. But I love to hear… Continue Reading “How to introduce kids to musical instruments with pBuzz”

The psychology of music while driving with kids

psychology of music when driving with kids - Bubbablue and me

Music plays a big part in my life (when younger through playing musical instruments in wind bands, music school, orchestras and swing bands), now mostly through continuing my love a dance.  But there’s not a day goes by without me listening to some kind of music, often while cooking but mostly when driving the car. And this is where there’s often conflict.  I love listening to music while driving. N is (usually) happy enough to have music on.  But the… Continue Reading “The psychology of music while driving with kids”

Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year

Music exploration - playing a piano tuning app game

And, again I’m late with our Music Exploration post this month.  Maybe I should change the date?!  Or not.  Anyway, this month has been an interesting mish mash music wise, but largely it’s been focused on learning instruments and the return of the ipod. This month, we have Listened to The ipod.  Now I’ve got a new car, my CDs are in the house again, so I’ve put the ipod back into the car.  A few new track updates and… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year”

Top 10 driving songs – my new car playlist

top 10 driving songs a new car playlist - Bubbablue and me

If you follow me on social media, you may have heard about the fun of getting my new car.  From ‘interesting’ experiences with salesmen to picking up the car and being unable to pay for fuel thanks to Visa card limits, I’m now onto the fun part of driving the car…and learning which car parking spaces I can actually park in (and get out of) with a slightly wider car. Most importantly though, I’ve been able to dig out my… Continue Reading “Top 10 driving songs – my new car playlist”

Music Exploration Classic FM Hall of Fame and tv music

Playing his ukelele - Bubbablue and me Music Exploration

Last month I decided not to write up a music exploration post because we’d not been doing much music, but this time I’m on it, although it’s largely been music by accident.  But with music always on the radio, quite often on the tv and in the house, there’s not really much escaping it. This month, we Listened to The Classic FM Hall of Fame.  Every year I vote for my 3 favourites (they rarely change from year to year,… Continue Reading “Music Exploration Classic FM Hall of Fame and tv music”