Boozy cherry bakewell custard pudding

boozy cherry bakewell custard pudding - Bubbablue and me

Whenever I get asked to make a pudding for something I’ve usually done Nigella’s trashy lime cheesecake.  It’s failsafe, and everyone seems to love it. But when we go to friends’ houses with puddings, there’s always other lime puddings or cheesecakes. The same with my back up pavlovas or gooey chocolate brownies.  But a couple of years ago at Christmas I discovered this Boozy cherry bakewell custard pudding.  It was made as an alternative to christmas pudding, and went down… Continue Reading “Boozy cherry bakewell custard pudding”

Make the smoothest easy chocolate mousse

Make the smoothest chocolate mousse - Bubbablue and me

I love chocolate puddings. Ok I just love chocolate.  But chocolate puddings can be pretty good. I always used to think that making chocolate desserts was going to be complicated (and expensive).  Some are complex and take ages.  And some can be really expensive if you’re using a lot of chocolate. Especially if you opt for decent quality chocolate.  I’m not a chocolate snob (I used to work for Cadbury so I’ll happily scoff a lot of Dairy Milk), but… Continue Reading “Make the smoothest easy chocolate mousse”

Cherry and chocolate meringue wreath

Christmas cherry & chocolate meringue wreath - Bubbablue and me

Whenever we go to dinner or lunch at friends’ houses, the women usually bring along a dessert.  Yes, there’s always pressure not to have your pudding the one that’s hardly been touched.  Meringue is always one of the first to go. This cherry and chocolate meringue wreath is perfect for Christmas celebrations.  Or it can be made in a traditional circle like a pavlova, or in  log shape to make it a lighter alternative to a yule log. I love… Continue Reading “Cherry and chocolate meringue wreath”

My ultimate chocolate brownies recipe and variations

the ultimate chocolate brownies - Bubbablue and me

I love chocolate. Cakes biscuits, confectionery. If it’s chocolate I’m there (hence me being on a diet!). I can bake cakes, but chocolate brownies are so much easier to make. And they’re versatile because they can be eaten as dessert, warmed with ice cream or cream. Or eaten cold as a treat or part of afternoon tea. Or even broken up and swirled through ice cream, or used as a base for gooey chocolate trifle. There’s so many recipes out… Continue Reading “My ultimate chocolate brownies recipe and variations”

Easy 3 ingredient ricotta cakes with berry sauce

baked ricotta cakes with berry sauce - Bubbablueandme

Some of my favourite recipes only have 3 or 4 ingredients in.  Because who has time for tens of them when you’re in a rush or have people in the house shouting for food.  In our house we tend to have pudding at weekends.  I love summer because I can get away with just serving up strawberries and ice cream or cream (or with added condensed milk if the OH gets his way.  But I’ll always make a proper dessert… Continue Reading “Easy 3 ingredient ricotta cakes with berry sauce”

Sweet breakfast treats – french toast donut style

sweet breakfast treats - french donut toast - Bubbablue and me

I love donuts.  I love toast.  I love french toast – provided there’s enough cinnamon involved. So putting all 3 together to make a french toast in a donut style (a la Nigella with a cinnamon twist) is a brilliant idea and so tasty.  But only for special occasions.  We had it for Christmas day breakfast. I also like any food where I’m using up leftovers so if you’ve got toast that’s not quite as fresh as you’d like, or… Continue Reading “Sweet breakfast treats – french toast donut style”

Morphy Richards Sear and Stew – Smoky sausage casserole recipe

Slow cooker smoky sausage casserole - Bubbablue and me

My OH would say I don’t need a slow cooker. We have an Aga, so in his eyes, there’s no need for a slow cooker.  Which is true to an extent, but there’s a lot of stages in using an Aga – brown on the top, get bubbling in the top oven, then transfer to the simmering oven.  On a work day I don’t have time for that before work.  Having the OH finish work at random times of the… Continue Reading “Morphy Richards Sear and Stew – Smoky sausage casserole recipe”

Golden ginger macaroons recipe

golden ginger macaroon recipe - Bubbablueandme

Whenever I need to provide cakes or biscuits for work birthdays, I always make these delicious golden ginger macaroons.  At my old work there were a couple of colleagues who would always rave about them, and my boss has done the same after this birthday when I took them in.  (I thought I’d put in a bit too much ginger, but evidently not!). They’re really easy to make, with only 3 or 4 ingredients, and you can double up the… Continue Reading “Golden ginger macaroons recipe”

Christmassy flavours with a Sticky Ginger Cake recipe from Flora

christmassy flavours with Flora Sticky ginger cake

I love cake.  I have a few favourites, chocolate, carrot, banana, lemon, victoria sponge…oh ok, I just like most cakes really. Being a farmer’s wife, I should really be able to bake.  I can and do on occasion, although not as frequently as the mother-in-law.  The OH moans that cakes on the farm are like buses.  None for ages and then they arrive from everywhere.  It seems that whenever I fancy making cake, his mum does and quite often my… Continue Reading “Christmassy flavours with a Sticky Ginger Cake recipe from Flora”

Chocolate & peppermint loaf cake – a Home Bargains blogger challenge

blogger baking challenge- chocolate & peppermint cake

I go through phases of baking. Well, being a farmer’s wife I need to be able to bake on occasion. But then I was asked to take part in the Home Bargains blogger baking challenge in celebration of Great British Bake Off. Well, cake and I, go together like mint and chocolate, so I couldn’t say no. We’ve recently had a Home Bargains open in our town, and I love having a mooch around.  I’ve also bought a few of… Continue Reading “Chocolate & peppermint loaf cake – a Home Bargains blogger challenge”