Eating out at The Falcon, Warmington – review

The falcon Warmington - Bubbablue and me

While we don’t eat out for dinner every month, we do have a usual crowd we go out with on occasion. It’s quite a large crowd so sometimes you can’t go out with everyone, and the other week we decided to go and try out a new pub for us. The Falcon in Warmington. The Falcon used to be a Harvester style restaurant with a hotel attached. But a few years ago there was a fire, and it returned having… Continue Reading “Eating out at The Falcon, Warmington – review”

Visiting Castleyard cafe and mooching round Oxford

Castleyard Cafe at Oxford castle - Bubbablue and me

I love a day out in Oxford and having lived there for 3 years, and in the county for most of my life, it’s great to have some little gems of places to eat out for different occasions.  We were recently invited to Oxford to try out the newly revamped Castleyard Cafe at Oxford Castle.  N wanted to stay on the farm, so instead I headed to Oxford to meet up with Mary from Over 40 and a mum to one… Continue Reading “Visiting Castleyard cafe and mooching round Oxford”

Eating out in Eastbourne – Mo Mambo, Harry Ramsden

Eating out in Eastbourne - Bubbablue and me

When I’m on holiday I always prefer to do bed and breakfast, and then enjoy eating out at difference places in the evening, and grabbing a quick sandwich somewhere for lunch.  It’s a bit more of a treat, although on longer holidays we might take lunch with us as well. Eastbourne wasn’t short of places to eat out in the evenings – with foods from all over the world, although some areas of the town where restaurants were didn’t feel… Continue Reading “Eating out in Eastbourne – Mo Mambo, Harry Ramsden”

Eating japanese food at Zushi Banbury

edamame - soy beans dish with salt

Considering I’m on a diet, I seem to have eaten out quite a lot recently.  Not quite on the diet plan, but it is teaching me to take things easy.  I am missing the treat myself to 3 courses on a night out though. Recently our team at work decided to have a bit of a belated lunch out, meaning working out where we could go, eat and leave within a lunch break with a bit of leeway.  We wanted… Continue Reading “Eating japanese food at Zushi Banbury”

Wa Curry – Oxfordshire bloggers trying out new flavours

wa curry ethos

I rarely get to eat curry.  The OH doesn’t eat it, N tends to have a bit at school on occasion, so it’s usually when I go out on a girls night out.  Last week was such a girls night out – with some Oxfordshire Blogger friends – to try out Wa Curry in Oxford. Wa Curry is the type of restaurant you’d want to eat in all the time in terms of caring about its suppliers, the environment and… Continue Reading “Wa Curry – Oxfordshire bloggers trying out new flavours”

Eating ‘posh’ fish and chips at Rockfish, Torquay

Rockfish Torquay condments

It had been my plan to do a full write up of the various restaurants we ate at when we were on holiday in Devon.  But it’s now weeks later and I’ve forgotten most of what I wanted to write. Instead, I’m just going to share one place which really stuck in my mind, because it was a lovely place to eat and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Torquay. Really, being on a seaside holiday should mean fish… Continue Reading “Eating ‘posh’ fish and chips at Rockfish, Torquay”

Reviews: Local restaurants – Banbury area

Thai orchid restaurant elephants

On a mission to get more involved with the Collective Bias community I’m a part of, I agreed to take part in their first Social Fabric blog hop.  I happily signed up thinking ‘ooh great, I get to write my reviews of various local restaurants and tell people what’s good and bad about them’.  Then afterwards I realised, that being a parent, we no longer go out that frequently to restaurants any more, plus we rarely eat in restaurants in… Continue Reading “Reviews: Local restaurants – Banbury area”