Spring walk and running races in the park

Spring park walk - Bubbabue and me

Like most children, N loves the simple things in life. Just going to the park so he can ride his bike or scoot and he’s happy.  The other day he requested a park trip, so we headed there for a spring walk, with me hoping I’d get to photograph blossom. I was disappointed there wasn’t more blossom in our local park.  Just the one lopsided bush amongst the boughs of a tree.  Other people walking past must have thought me… Continue Reading “Spring walk and running races in the park”

Signs of spring – my joys of spring

Joys of spring - Bubbablue and me

I’ve shared previously what I love about autumn and winter, but spring seems to make everything hopeful.  Instagram goes mad for it, people shake off their coats (we hope) and get thinking about summer.  So here’s my take on the joys of spring, through the season: My signs of spring Lighter evenings Spotting the first newborn lambs in the field Blossom on the trees Leaves emerging to take away the bareness The first cut of the grass Gorgeous sunsets Daffodils… Continue Reading “Signs of spring – my joys of spring”

Revisiting my old school for lambing weekend

lamb and ewe kissing

We might be on a farm, and about to launch into lambing season ourselves (well, my brother in law because the OH isn’t a sheep fan, so only has cattle himself), but now N is older he goes out without me on the farm with his dad.  So to get any photos and evidence of what he’s been up to is non-existent because the OH doesn’t do photos.  Especially not when he’s working. So when I spotted that my old… Continue Reading “Revisiting my old school for lambing weekend”