41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas

Lego storage drawers on wheels

Lego is a brilliant toy.  But it’s a pain to store. It’s lovely being able to store sets in their boxes, but it’s rare in our house that anything stays complete or near its original box.  We’ve recently had a declutter and reviewed our Lego storage, so I wanted to share some of our storage solutions. N has a huge Lego collection.  From sets he’s been bought through to Lego from my childhood (some of which was my dad’s). I’m… Continue Reading “41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas”

Jigsaw storage

As like lots of other children, N has a lot of toys with little bits and pieces.   They get removed from the boxes, not one at a time, but two or three at a time (I’ve not yet managed to get him trained to put things away as he goes). The train set’s sorted…big plastic box with lid, and the small amount of Duplo he has is in a bag in the train set box. Books are vaguely contained in… Continue Reading “Jigsaw storage”