Jigsaw storage

As like lots of other children, N has a lot of toys with little bits and pieces.   They get removed from the boxes, not one at a time, but two or three at a time (I’ve not yet managed to get him trained to put things away as he goes).

The train set’s sorted…big plastic box with lid, and the small amount of Duplo he has is in a bag in the train set box.

Books are vaguely contained in a downstairs book case and an upstairs box he can flick through.

The various play foods are generally contained in a ‘shopping basket’ or bag, and arts and crafts bits are in storage boxes too.

But jigsaws are my worst nightmare.

The nice wooden jigsaws don’t come with boxes at all, while the ones in boxes have had the boxes stood on, sellotaped up and finally broken.  So I’ve resorted to using a few little fabric bags with zips and just piled all the pieces in those.

It doesn’t help with keeping the right jigsaw pieces together though, so I need to re-plan somehow.  Ideally I’d want to see the board (if there is one) stored with the pieces.  So I’m seriously needing some ideas.

Pinterest is coming in handy – I’m loving this playroom storage ideas board.

pinterest storage board
Loving this Pinterest board

The first item is a great Melissa & Doug jigsaw storage rack – not sure if it’s available in the UK, but great for standard size wooden jigsaws.  We would need a shelf to put them on though to keep it flat.

And finding a thread on a Mumsnet forum gives some other good ideas…ziplock bags, plastic tupperware containers, but nothing that really works for huge piece jigsaws for toddlers.

So I’m after more ideas.  How do you store your children’s jigsaws?

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