The big transition from baby and toddler swimming

What's the big transition from baby swimming to child swimming lessons - Bubbablue and me

I couldn’t imagine not having swum with N from a young age. My own journey with learning to swim was very up and down from age 5 to 7, and the OH isn’t keen on swimming, so I wanted to make sure N was capable of swimming as a child.  We started his lessons at 3 months old along with most of my NCT group in a Water Babies class together. In the 5 1/2 years he’s been to swimming lessons,… Continue Reading “The big transition from baby and toddler swimming”

5 things that swimming lessons teach children

5 things that swimming lessons teach children

After swimming with Water Babies for just under four years, N has done two terms of swimming lessons at the local pool.  It was the first time he had been in the pool on his own without me, and I was really worried how he’d take to it. Thankfully after making me walk him to the teacher at the first lesson so she could put on his float belt, he then sat at the edge of the pool along with… Continue Reading “5 things that swimming lessons teach children”

A confidence boost through swimming alone

swimming indoor hotel pool

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last swimming post.  I’ve a few brewing, but just haven’t had the chance to put them down on paper. N’s been swimming at normal pool lessons now for 5 weeks.  I really wasn’t sure how he’d get on at making the transition from going swimming with me to being in the pool on his own especially given the ups and downs he’s had in the past.  But it’s been brilliant.  He’s… Continue Reading “A confidence boost through swimming alone”

The truth about booking swimming lessons

en route to swimming

I wrote a few weeks ago that N had now graduated from Water Babies now he’s four.  You’d think it would be simple to just transfer him over to new swimming classes and all would be lovely and fine. However, if you’ve never tried to get your child (and I’m talking post-baby swimming lessons) into swimming lessons and haven’t had them on a waiting list since birth, then start thinking about it now.  It can be a total nightmare. I’ve… Continue Reading “The truth about booking swimming lessons”

Do parents need to be able to swim for baby swimming lessons

swimming boy

Swimming’s a funny thing.  Some people love it, some can swim purely for the safety aspect, others hate it.  Some find it really easy, others are scared of water despite never having had a problem in the water. I’m on the side of ‘love swimming, can do it well enough, enjoy doing lengths when I get into the habit’.  But swimming is definitely an activity I want N to be able to do from both the safety aspect and the… Continue Reading “Do parents need to be able to swim for baby swimming lessons”

Swimming badges and achievements

Boy in coat with ASA stage 1 swimming certificate

This week’s swimming class was the last of the year.  After a week off with an ear infection, we were keen to get back to it especially with a 3 week break coming up for Christmas. The lesson was very much a round-up of the ‘term’ so far.  Our swimming terms never match the school terms, so it’s a bit skew whiff, but it’s good to finish off with a bang. The toddlers had to show Lynsey the teacher what… Continue Reading “Swimming badges and achievements”

First Swimming refusal

Water Babies swimming lesson

Oh dear.  This week saw a major meltdown and swimming refusal. Because we’ve been visiting my mum in the mornings, he has his lunch there, then we head to swimming with him having his nap in the car. Before we left, he was all excited, telling everyone he was going to see Lynsey and going swimming.  No sign that there’d be anything different this week compared to previous weeks. He napped as usual, and woke up himself with no problems.… Continue Reading “First Swimming refusal”

Missing swimming = guilty mummy

swimming boy

Pah to illness and colds.  It’s definitely the start of Autumn and with it seems to come the onslaught of winter colds.  So much for my vitamin C and zinc combination that worked well last year, but has failed in my attempt to stave off the colds for this year. Both N and I have had colds over the last 2-3 weeks and although if it’s a minor cold I’d probably still go swimming, lots of coughing and being totally… Continue Reading “Missing swimming = guilty mummy”

Swimming goggles for toddlers

swimming boy

The one activity during swimming lessons that we still need to crack is swimming underwater.  It’s not really very helpful that N still hates it given that there’s quite a few activities that are part of lessons that he hates and wants to avoid. But liking going underwater, or at least enduring it, is proving hard for him to get over.  I’m not entirely sure what we can do apart from just giving him chance to do the activities once… Continue Reading “Swimming goggles for toddlers”

The thought of swimming…

swimming boy

And so to Saturday again.  Swimming. We love swimming now (after almost a year of hating it and having serious water wobbles from N and me), so I have to be careful in the morning not to shout too much about the fact we’re going.  If I mention it and he picks up on it, all I get is “swimming” all day.  I have to tell him exactly what we’re doing before going swimming and he gets it eventually.  This morning… Continue Reading “The thought of swimming…”