Wasgij Blooming Marvellous puzzle

Wasgij Original 6 Blooming Marvellous puzzle solution

Another day, another Wasgij puzzle. This Wasgij Original 6 Blooming Marvellous puzzle was a second hand purchase and like the previous one I did, it was hard going. Most wasn’t too bad, but there was a lot of green that took a couple of sessions to work through.

One of the much older puzzles in the Wasgij range, the original puzzles are completed by using the box image and trying to work out what one of the characters is looking at.  This time the image is based overlooking back gardens of houses and what is going on there with some super grow plant food.

Wasgij Blooming Marvellous puzzle

Parts of this puzzle weren’t too hard to get started. But green vegetables. I nearly lost the will to live by the time I had the final part of the puzzle to go. But I was determined to finish and it was worth the effort. 

a lot of green puzzle

As with all Wasgij puzzles there’s some great characters, and quite a few comedy moments in different parts of it to enjoy. 

With this Blooming Marvellous jigsaw being an older puzzle in the Wasgij range, your best attempt to find a copy of it is looking for second hard offers.  You can usually buy other Wasgij puzzles from Amazon or other online or high street puzzle retailers.

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Scroll down to see the Wasgij solution and video solution.

wasgij original 6 blooming marvellous

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