Ways to reduce stress - Bubbablue and m

Ways to reduce stress and sleep better

If anyone says they don’t get stressed they probably don’t mean it.  Or maybe they don’t realise it. Because everyone sees stress in different ways.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t think they really get stressed, but people I work with would say otherwise.  And feeling stressed can certainly influence the way you react and therefore how well you manage.  And reflects in how successful you are in the day to day tasks you need to do.

Ways to reduce stress - Bubbablue and m

Stress is personal and different for everyone

I’m naturally a Type A personality.  I like things to be right and fair, and I’m not a big fan of change if I believe something is fine the way it is.  Unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that and that’s when I have a grump.  Yes, my stress comes out in moans and groans. The occasional outburst of ‘b****y h***’ and then quiet and getting on with everything again.  It’s usually due to someone doing or saying something stupid, or making what seems like a silly change. Or people switching arrangements to meet up at the last minute.

You need to take charge of your stress levels and change

Since having N I think I’m a little more chilled out, at least outside work.  Because as I get older, life’s really too short.  And there’s other things to think about and move on to.  Now I’m more likely to scoff at something doing something that annoys me.  A quick moan, then it’s forgotten about.

For me, that brief release does the world of good.  Years ago, I’d have got on the squash court and thrashed a few balls around. Now I’m probably more likely to have a moan with online friends.

My irritations are definitely down to impatience with other people and a bit of perfection. That thought that others have made something harder to do, it’ll take more time, they’ve not thought of others.  It would have been better to just do it myself.  But managing stress, understanding what makes you stressed and how you can get over it helps.  Because we don’t all have to be perfect and sometimes perfect isn’t needed.  Enjoyment in doing a task well enough within the boundaries can be just as satisfying.

Sleep is key

I’m working with Tempur who’ve been looking into stress and sleep, and how we can deal with it for more success and better well-being in the weeks running up to mental health week in May.  Sleep is such a large part of relaxing and getting over stresses, it’s important we get the sleep we need to restore the feeling of wellness.

Thankfully I’m a good sleeper and find it easy to switch off even if the day hasn’t gone as I’d hoped.  I love my Fitbit because it tells me how I’m sleeping, and even better (I’m a fan of numbers and a competitive person), I can compare my daily sleep patterns vs my 30 day average and the UK benchmark.  I don’t really get enough sleep (I blame blogging alongside a full time job and staying up late), but I sleep well, and generally wake the same time every day just ahead of my alarm.  But if I have slept badly, then I do notice I have more irritations during the day.

Feeling on top of things and unstressed makes you feel more in control.

Like the plan is working.

No-one can deter things from going well.

Better relationships if you’re less snappy with people.

More open to hearing and working with others.

relaxing bed side

7 ways to reduce stress and sleep better

1, Make your bedroom a comfortable and relaxing place to rest and sleep.

Making sure you regularly turn and air your mattress is important.  And putting on nice cool clean bedding and plump pillows that suit the way you sleep always makes you feel ready for sleep.

2, Have friends and family you can share problems with

Talking about it and bouncing ideas and solutions off other people always helps reduce stress.  There’s a reason there’s the phrase ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, and don’t take problems to heart.

3, Mindfulness

This isn’t something I personally practice but you can take aspects of it which work for you.  So counting to 10 before launching into a speech or discussion.  Preparing possible outcomes beforehand. Having contingencies in place.  Lists. Sit still and take note of your breathing. Imagine successful outcomes and think of the route to get there.

4, Making time for yourself

Use the time to relax, do activities you enjoy and find relaxing. So read a book, take up crafts or do colouring. Take a bath, go shopping, make a new recipe, have a home spa day. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

5, Delegate

I’m a project manager, and it’s all about facilitation and getting the people in for the right skills. Yes, give it a go yourself, but if it’s making you stressed, or pushed for time, or you need someone with different skills, then find a way to make that happen to take the pressure off yourself.

6, Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water and you’ll feel better in yourself and be healthier. Concentrate when you’re drinking your 8 glasses of water a day, take time out from what you’re doing to get the water, and it’s a chance for a quick breather and refresh.

7 , Get outside and laugh with children

Having kids is a great way to reduce stress (and increase it on occasion).  Benefits include forcing you to get outside more frequently because they always want to go on bike rides, to scooter parks, and set up dens or picnics in the garden. Plus of course, they provide lots of giggles, always a great stress reliever.

Are you someone who gets worried and stressed easily? What techniques do you use to avoid stress?

TEMPUR® are supporting the Mental Health Foundation as the chosen charity for 2018.  The Mental Health Foundation have pioneered new ways of looking at mental health and improving the lives of people experiencing mental illness for more than 60 years.  TEMPUR® will be donating £10 for every mattress sold through the TEMPUR® UK website, or through a TEMPUR owned store (brand or outlet) throughout May 2018.


Disclosure: Sponsored post – this post is in conjunction with Tempur but all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I am always stressed – mindfulness is key! Take 5 minutes to chill, lie down, calm down, and keep going! Great tips #TheListLinky

  2. Great tips! I definitely struggle with stress, but sleep isn’t easy when my 4 year old is constantly waking me up!

    1. True. It does make things easier once they actually either sleep in (mine doesn’t past 6), or can get themselves up (although that means I can’t control the tv watching)

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