Wentworth puzzles winter scenes

Wentworth travel jigsaw puzzles and Winter Garden – review

*Ad – gifted for review

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I do love a jigsaw puzzle.  I’m in a couple of puzzle groups and Wentworth jigsaw puzzles are often mentioned for their great quality. When I was offered the chance to try Wentworth’s travel jigsaw puzzles I leapt at the chance. I was sent a couple of 250 piece puzzles which are great starter puzzles to introduce me to them.

I chose the NYC Brownstones puzzle and Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum. Both of these are from the Wentworth Christmas puzzle range.. A chance to reminisce about a previous trip to New York, and recognising the buildings and location in London where we’ve often been.

Wentworth puzzles winter scenes

With a compact square puzzle box, the box image feels slightly raised around the border marking them out from normal cardboard boxes.  Inside there’s a leaflet, plus a lovely drawstring bag holding the wooden jigsaw pieces. There’s no plastic involved with Wentworth jigsaws.

wentworth skaiing at natural history museum puzzle

Wentworth puzzles are different to the puzzles I’ve done before which are usually cardboard. Those can break more easily as you try and place or remove them. But with the wooden puzzle pieces they’re more substantial and longer lasting.  They also slot together easier because they’ve been very precisely laser cut..

wooden wentrworth puzzles pieces in bag

One thing that adds to the fun is all the different whimsy shapes the pieces come in. Just pulling out a handful of pieces, I got a dinosaur, bird and horse, along with totally abstract shapes.  I think this is more challenging than normal shaped puzzles, so starting with the smaller piece puzzles will help get used to the puzzle style. You can’t always find the edges due to the jigsaw piece variations. So I set up the outside as much as possible, then returned to fill the gaps later.

Wentworth puzzle whimsy pieces
whimsy jigsaw pieces from wentworth

NYC Brownstones is a wintry street view of a row of New York’s traditional brownstone ‘town houses’. With people snuggled up in their colourful cosy winter clothing, it’s a view that makes me want to visit the city in the snow.

Wentworth NYC brownstones puzzle

Closer to home, Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum is a scene that Londoners and visitors won’t see after this year when the ice skating there stops. I’ve never managed to get there to experience before. But from the puzzle I can imagine how special it is, ice skating, overlooked by beautiful historic buildings.

close up of Wentworth ice skating at natural history museum puzzle

Travel puzzles are a great way to remember experiences and trips you’ve had. There’s a good selection of location themed puzzles available from Wentworth.

Wentworth Winter Garden puzzle 1000 piece

I was also send the Wentworth Winter Garden puzzle which was a 1000 piece. I wasn’t sure how long it would take (and whether my puzzle board would fit it all on, but it fit perfectly. The pieces are so perfectly cut and fit together smoothly. The colours are vibrant, and the different shapes make the puzzle interesting and challenging enough for serious puzzlers to complete.

winter garden puzzle half completed

Winter garden puzzle has animals and florals in the cottage garden, all set in the snow. It’s a beautiful puzzle when completed, and I’ll definitely be looking out for more Wentworth puzzles in future, and sticking with the full 1000 pieces to make them last longer.

I think Wentworth jigsaws are a great gift idea for a puzzle fan.  They are pricier than other brands due to how they’re made and their quality, but they’re worth treating yourself or a friend  or family member. Wentworth puzzles usually come in more than one size (250, 500 and 1000 pieces). So if you like an image, you can choose the size that works for you. 1500 piece puzzles are also available.  You can find them at the Wentworth website.

One handy tip – if you struggle to get your box to stand up how you want, try one of these box stands. They’re a helpful puzzle aid.

Are you a fan of themed travel puzzles? Which Wentworth jigsaw puzzle would you want to try?

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