win 3 children's games - Bubbablue and me

Win 3 children’s games for the new year

We’re on a bit of a clear out mission…again.  I’ve found lots of children’s games and jigsaws that N’s never played with and isn’t bothered about.  So I’m holding the first competition of the year.

If you’ve got preschoolers and older, you might be interested in entering to win the 3 games I’m giving away.

win 3 children's games - Bubbablue and me

1. Orchard Toys – Shopping List

I love the Orchard Toys range – we’ve got a few games, and they’re great for introducing young children to taking turns, collecting specific items, and teaching patience, as well as being fun.  Shopping List is one of the games that always pops up as a favourite with parents and children,  with players needing to collect the right items for their shopping list.

2. Ravensburger Ultimate Spiderman memory

A matching game based on Spiderman.  Spiderman is one of the superhero films that N does like – I’m not sure it’s really suitable for his age, but he’s seen it a couple of times with us on holiday.

Matching games are great for memory, spatial awareness and colour or shape recognition, and perfect for all ages.

3. Memory Match

This is another matching game but with a difference, you’re matching the cards that go together rather than the same pictures.  There are simple cartoon figures, bright colours, perfect for young children (the box for this is a little bashed, but the game cards themselves are still new to be pushed out of their cards to play).

If you want to win all 3 of these games, just answer the question in the comments, and fill in the rafflecopter form.

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Terms and conditions

  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 7th February 2016
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There will be 1 prize of 3 children’s games.
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, and may be shared on social media.
  7. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond within 2 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  8. Prize will be sent out directly from the publishers.
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  1. My Favourite Childhood Game was Snakes and Ladders, Because it always had it’s Up’s and Down’s.

  2. I used to love and still do a good game of Trivial Pursuit, me and my mum played it a lot when I was growing up and it was just us two x

  3. i use to love playing two balls up against the outside wall
    i use to drive my mum nuts i kind of know why now lol
    you just dont see kids playing it anymore

  4. I used to like playing patience as my gran taught me lots of different types and I could play alone

  5. I played a lot of chess as a child and taught my son to play as a young boy. It is an instant calming tool for a child with ASD/ADHD. Can keep him distracted for hours!

  6. I love frustration bought my 4 year old it for Christmas and she gets us to play it most evening after dinner and we’re still not bored of it ☘☘☘☘ many thanks great blog

  7. mine was monopoly as i remember playing that with my grandparents who sadly aint here anymore but good memories.

  8. I used to love a game called pay day. I loved having the banker roll and opening the post at the end of each month.

  9. Frustration was my favourite but my son has it now and they’ve made it more complicated now with a genie and it’s no where near as good!

  10. I love playing Frustration! I used to love pressing the dice in the middle, listening to the pop and then trying to take everyone else’s coloured counters as I moved around the board!

  11. I always loved Game of Life, my favourite part was always the dice (strange what pleases you!!!)

  12. my dad and nanna taught me a lot of different card games, dominoes, chess and backgammon from a really young age.

    I really enjoyed strategy games as a child (I still do) so I loved chess and cribbage

  13. Battleships – I was so obsessed that everyone else in my family got too bored to play it, so I had to play both sides of the board myself!

  14. My favorite was Ludo! My great nan taught me and we played it every sunday after a roast! 😀

  15. The card game Beat you Neighbour out of doors (1 on a jack, 2 on a queen etc…) I used to love playing it with my Nan <3

  16. I absolutely loved Guess Who and would play it over and over asking the same questions and never get bored!

  17. I loved playing boggle with my dad, i’ve always loves word games and i still love playing scrabble now

  18. I loved a game called Polo that we used to play in the playground. Not to be confused with the one involving horses of the same name. Haha.

    I don’t remember much about it. Except someone stood at the front with their back turned and they thought of a word and then the other players would guess a letter each and if that letter was in the word then they got to move a step forward and the winner was the person who reached the person at the front first.

  19. I loved Magic Robot. I could never work out as a child how he always managed to point to the right answer. 🙂

  20. I have always loved monoply as it has always given many hours of fun for the whole of my family!

  21. I liked ‘Go For Broke’, I used to play it alot with my older sisters and we would get very competitive

  22. Mouse trap! I don’t think we ever played it properly, I’m not entirely sure how you do play it? we’d just set it up and then set it off over & over again.

  23. It was Monopoly,I loved it and was really quite good at it,as I got older it was Scrabble,from 12 to 16 my dad and i played every night,two games sometimes three and I’m sure that’s why I’v e got such a good knowledge of words.If my dad put down a word I didn’t know he’d make me get the dictionary and look it up,that way he said it would sink in,and,he was right x

  24. my favourite childhood game was frustration. For some reason we allways lost the dice on other games. was the only game we didnt fight over lol x

  25. My favourite board game was – and still is – snakes and ladders because all ages can enjoy it on an equal footing.

  26. I loved MouseTrap, I think because of the trap and the way it used to come down to capture the mouse!

  27. Mine was hopscotch, loved being out in the garden and drawing it with chalk on the paving slabs 🙂

  28. I loved Ker Plunk as I could always pull out the right straws but I think my mum and dad used to let me win 🙂

  29. We were into stamp colecting when we were kids and there was a game called Collect which was about stamp collecting and we loved playing this game x

  30. I’ve always loved playing Scrabble, even when young, I usually won which made it more appealling, I still love playing it now and still love the thrill of winning and finding long words x

  31. Mouse Trap!!!!! Not sure if you can get in any more? Might be deemed as a bit cruel these days! Lol

  32. Monopoly it’s a classic that never gets old, I loved it when I was a child and still do! I also love that it is and will continue to be loved by all generations and generations to come 🙂

  33. Hungry hippos…cause it reminds me of my late father ..we used to pester him to platy it with us all the time!

  34. Hungry hippos…cause it reminds me of my late father ..we used to pester him to platy it with us all the time!

  35. Hungry hippos…cause it reminds me of my late father ..we used to pester him to platy it with us all the time!

  36. Snakes & Ladder was my favourite game when I was young used to play again and again with my friends

  37. Snakes and Ladders as you could get different versions of it and also I remember my mum always swapped the instructions around to make it more

  38. The Game of Life – used to play this when we were wagging school and thought this was what our lives were going to be like 😀

  39. Snakes and ladders, although I preferred to be outside playing any game which involved getting clarted up to the eyeballs.

  40. I loved frustration as its a game we played as a family, also loved downfall as i used to have time playing it with my dad x

  41. snakes and ladders – it was the first board game that I learned to play; a real family favourite.

  42. I loved Frustration as it was easy for all ages to play and could play straight away without having to plough through loads of instructions and rules.

  43. My favourite childhood game was an MB board game called ‘Ghost Castle’. It belonged to my cousin and we used to play it every Sunday night while watching Ghostbusters on Betamax tape and trying to scare ourselves! Very special times though!

  44. I used to love Scrabble – maybe strange choice, but I enjoyed the English Language

  45. screwball scramble i always used to take it in to school on the last day before we broke up

  46. I used to like Flying Hats. For some reason it amused me seeing the hats flying off in wrong directions.

  47. I always loved frustration! We still play it now – Love trying to get a 6 and the popping sound of the dice on the metal plate.

  48. I loved playing mousetrap. I loved watching all the parts work together to catch the mice. It’s something I’d like to play with my children too.

  49. Mie was monopoly as me and my siblings are super competitive and this game was perfect to get us squabbling

  50. I loved Screwball Scramble because I was the master of it – I could even complete it with my eyes closed!

  51. Crocodile dentist…used to be exciting trying to get the teeth out before it snapped on 6ou x

  52. My favourite board game was a game called Bewitched and my other favourite game was hide and seek.

  53. Hopscotch as I used to love balancing, hopping and trying to pick up the stone without falling over!

  54. The Game of Life – I liked to spin the wheel but more than that I think it made me feel grown up !

  55. I remember loving playing Mouse Trap. It was the fun of setting off the ball so it went around the course

  56. I loved the game operation and I used to play it with my sister, we used to love trying to get the bones out and when we got buzzed it made us all laugh!!!!

  57. I loved playing with the big yellow teapot and the family that lived in it. I think it was because it let me use my imagination

  58. I loved Frustration because I thought the dice popper was great – couldn’t lose the dice and it was a competitive game where the winner was random.

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