Next reindeer christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers and party clothes

I’ve not joined in with any of the children’s fashion linkies for a while, but have a couple of outfits I wanted to share.  Recently N’s mostly been wearing either nursery uniform jumpers or t shirts, or we’ve not really had any opportunities to get photos during the day of his clothing.  Lots of outdoor activities but it’s really too cold or wet to be getting him to strip off out of his coat.

Party outfit

First of all, we’ve had the first of our NCT group’s 4th birthday parties. Admittedly held early to avoid the Christmas busy times, but so amazing to see how they’d all grown since the last round of birthdays.

N does love to wear a shirt, so he has a few for parties and smart outings.  This was the first outing for this blue shirt with the small motif on.  We teamed it with some navy skinny cords.  I do love cords, and N’s been going on about trousers being soft or not, and he really likes these ones too.  When I tried to get him to pose he was running in and out of the shot again, until he finally struck some interesting poses.

party shirt little poser

I particularly love the arm on corner pose, despite it not being a great picture of him.

party shirt poser

Skinny cords – Primark
Shirt – Tu at Sainsbury’s

Christmas jumpers

N’s never really had a Christmas jumper and I don’t really partake in them either (mostly because they’re too thick and hot for me, as well as not being particularly flattering!).  In the past I’ve stocked up on some wintry designs, but not actually Christmas icons.  However this year, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Next reindeer one.  Add to the cuteness, there’s also a flashing red nose which N loves.

Next reindeer christmas jumper

So far it’s had 3 outings, but I’m sure it’ll get worn more throughout the season, plus next year as I went for an age 5 so there’s plenty of growing room lengthwise for him.

We’ve not yet got last year’s sales purchases out which have a Christmas touch to them.  There’s a brilliant bright blue Gap jumper, and a more subtle navy one, both with snowflake designs on the yoke part.

Have you got out the Christmas jumpers this year?  Or full on Christmas outfits for the kids?

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  1. OMG!!!! I’m frantically in search of one of them Reindeer Jumpers for Lewis at the moment, everywhere has sold out *weeps*. Loving the shirt and cords too, thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

    1. I’m glad I spotted it at the start of the season, because I didn’t even spot it online, just on the off chance going into store. Always annoying when you spot things you like and can’t find them.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. Such a fab Christmas jumper! I did the same with my daughter’s and bought it a bit bigger so she would get an extra year out of it!
    I remember my daughter always liked cords too because she was obsessed with trousers being soft!

    1. Funny aren’t they, but I guess it makes sense comparing cords to a harder fabric like jeans. N always seems to be in an oversized top…he looks a bit strange being in something that’s normal and correct size,

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