Toddler drink repertoire

It’s always been easy to keep healthy on the drinks front with N.  His drinks repertoire has been milk (as much as available although he’s been requesting it less over the last week) and water.

He’s started to get a bit more interested in what we’re drinking.  OH will have a Guinness with his evening meal and N goes and gets a can for him from the larder saying ‘Daddy’s beer’.

Quite often amongst his mealtime commentary, he’ll mention ‘mummy’s juice’ or whatever it is I’m drinking…usually squash, or fruit juice at breakfast.

But during breakfast he’s started getting fussier and wanting to try my juice.  He’s not so interested in orange juice, but likes apple juice.  So I’m having to sometimes give in and let him have some really diluted juice (vile, but he seems to like it).

N’s also getting stroppy sometimes when I won’t let him have his evening milk in an open cup.  He’s always been pretty good with a cup, but with his tommee tippee sippy cups, it’s not a worry if he takes a cup of water with him from room to room.  But I’m not so keen on milk.

But crikey, you’d think I’d have told him something terrible at his response to me telling him if he wants his milk in an open cup, then he has to sit at the table.  Yesterday though, he was allowed to sit in his wooden chair in the living room to drink it.  He’s usually at hyper stage by that point in the evening, but yesterday he was very calm, and drank it very nicely with no jerky movements to spill any.

Juice isn’t so bad, or very weak squash when we’re at home, but when out I’m going to have to be more careful with my drinks choices.  The other day he was asking to try my diet pepsi (mmm, no, that’s for bigger people than you, it’s bad for teeth – double standards!), and he will quite happily steal a Costa strawberry lemonade if I have one of those.

toddler drinking costa

Thankfully, he is still happy to drink water…I suppose me drinking water all day helps with encouraging that.

How do you put off your children from having ‘bad’ drinks? What drinks do they have?

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