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Parragon Disney colouring books – giveaway

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As part of the Parragon book buddy scheme we were recently sent their latest publications which tie in with the recent trend of mindfulness through colouring in – an Art Therapy Disney princess colouring book and a Disney Frozen colouring book.   As we’re a bit rubbish on the colouring front, and N just refuses to have anything to do with Frozen, I’m going to give the books away to one lucky reader.

art therapy disney colouring books

The colouring books are more complex than some young children’s colouring books, so if you’ve a child who wants more of a colouring challenge, or you’ve debated taking up colouring yourself, then these books could be the ones for you.

What’s great is that they’re not really Disney-fied, the Disney part is quite subtle and very much in keeping with mandala and shape colouring, rather than huge Disney princesses.

disney colouring book

The books are chunky A4 sized, with good quality paper of a decent thickness and a real mix of illustrations for colouring.

If you want to win the 2 books, enter my giveaway by answering the question and completing the rafflecopter entry form.  There are optional bonus entry options as well.

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  1. I have four favourites all represent my life all beautiful
    Cinderella because i can relate to her from childhood only i had evil step-father.
    Belle because she loves books she sees the good in everyone.
    Ariel because she lives in the sea and
    Pocahontas because when i needed to dress up my nan got me pocahontas and said i was her princess

  2. Cinderella – really want a fairy godmother and who doesn’t want a prince and a happy ending?

  3. Cinderella. I love it that the downtrodden Cinderella triumphs against the odds and evil stepsisters to win the hand of the prince and of course live happily ever after.

  4. Ariel. I loved her since I was little and now so does our little girl. It was the first Disney film I ever watched.

  5. Ariel, I have her red hair and I’m always wanting to go where I’m not allowed!!

  6. Snow White I always wondered as a child what would happen if I pricked my finger

  7. Ariel she is always overlooked and she is the best one. funny, determined, headstrong!!!

  8. My favorite is Tiana from Princess & The Frog, I love her story 🙂

  9. Belle as I think she’s the most relatable out of all the princesses in terms of personality and who doesn’t love a good book to read

  10. Belle, as shes smart, not ruled by a man and does what she wants in life. Plus she has a heart of gold

  11. Belle – always loved Beauty and the Beast when I was younger but now it shows that beauty isn’t just skin deep and you can fall in love with people for other reasons than their looks. 🙂 That’s a bit deep for a Disney character lol. 🙂

  12. Princess Merida from Brave. I love that she is a strong girl but still vulnerable. I love that she has imperfections and seems a little more real in terms of character. She doesn’t always behave the right way or say the right thing but I think a lot of our inner princess’s can relate to that!

  13. Belle is my favourite because it’s a nice to see a Princess who’s a brunette!

  14. My favorite princess is Cinderella. The story is so classic and I love how she started off be the poor girl stuck being like a maid and winds up being a princess.

  15. My favourite Disney princess is Belle because she is very kind and can see past others appearance, to see who they really are

  16. My favourite Disney princess is Cinderella because she’s such a classic rags to riches story, and a childhood favourite

  17. My favourite is Elsa because she would rather hide away than hurt her sister and her people with her power.

  18. Cinderella. The original rags to riches story – and sticking it to the nasty people!

  19. Merida. The first princess to show girls that they didn’t need to find a prince to be happy.

  20. I love cinderella , she is beautiful, goes to the ball ,sees off the ugly sisters and marries the prince .

  21. Merida because she is completely different to the normal Disney princesses, is fiercely independent and doesn’t need a man to complete her!

  22. Belle, the reason why is because she is so kind and can see the beauty in anything

  23. Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I’ve always identified with her love of books

  24. Belle is my favourite princess, she’s a book worm, kindhearted and had the sense to stay away from Gaston 😉 x

  25. I love Belle from Beauty and The Beast as she is kind, sees beyond the physical and puts other before herself

  26. belle from beauty and the beast, my twin sister and I used to watch the video over and over when we were little and we knew all the songs, I still do!

  27. She isn’t really a princess, but Mulan, because she saved China! She’s pretty intense.

  28. Ariel love her red hair my hair was the same colour for a few years and part of your world is going to be our first dance when we get married in November!

  29. i love princess aurora from sleeping beauty it was mine and my mums favourite to watch together when i was younger now i watch it with my girls even one of my daughters middle names is aurora-rose

  30. Snow White as I’d love to be able to summon the birds and animals to come do my housework

  31. Snow White, as she has the joy of living with 7 very different characters and her love of the great outdoors


  33. Rapunzel as she has such gorgeous long hair (still looks lovely when it gets cut too) x

  34. I have to say Snow White, because firstly, we have the same hair, but most of all we’re both animal lovers. I surround myself with them like Snow White! All my friends call me that.

  35. cinderella because she shows that kind people do get what they deserve in the end

  36. i Love Cinderella, one of the classic princesses, and sometimes i feel a bit like that when im doing the housework 🙂

  37. Snow White – one of the original Disney princesses plus she’s kind to animals!

  38. I think my favourite would have to be Elsa from Frozen, just for all the free time she gives me whilst the kids are engrossed in Frozen!!!!

  39. Jasmine because she’s a good role model for young girls being independant, intelligent and kind hearted … her outfit’s pretty cool too and she gets to ride a magic carpet!!

  40. Merida as she’s Badass! She’s not afraid to go for what she wants xx and she’s got amazing!!!!! Hair xx

  41. It would have to be jasmine. So brave. Having to be forced into an arranged marrige to jafar. And then she found her true love aladin and gave him a chance when no one else did. Sucker for a love story.

  42. Cinderella because I’m sure after all that hardship she would help shape her world into a better place once she became queen xx

  43. My favorite Disney princess would have to be Ariel because she’s a beautiful mermaid. Plus the songs in that movie are on point.

  44. I adore Pocahontas! She stands for something, for her people and peace in the world

  45. I love Merida because she isn’t afraid to follow her own dreams and do what she wants instead of what everyone thinks she is supposed to do 🙂

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