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Starting Zumba classes to ease back into dance

I’ve not exercised properly for a while and really need to.

Before having N, and before getting married, I used to exercise lots.  I swam, went to the gym and played a lot of squash.  Then I got married, and had a long commute, so it fell by the wayside.

I then started dancing again (having danced for 13 years as a child).  I went to salsa lessons for a couple of years, then took up ceroc 3 or 4 times a week.  It was great to get back to dancing, but also to get the social side as well as exercising at something that didn’t feel like exercise.

I danced right up to the Christmas before having N, so up to 8 months pregnant (going away for a west coast swing dance weekender at 7 months, along with another pregnant friend probably wasn’t my best idea, even though it was great fun).  And then after N arrived, I stopped dancing.  I’d intended to go back to it afterwards, but realistically it’s evenings, going on until late, I had to travel 30 minutes to an hour for classes, and a lot of my friends from before weren’t dancing much either.

I’ve really missed the dancing in the time since.  Getting back to it just hasn’t happened, even the freestyles.  Plus I’d never be able to dance in heels again, it would have to be lower heeled shoes.

But friends of mine mentioned they were going to Zumba now, and wanted to drag me along.  This was after they’d asked for a display on how to do a body roll while we were camping!  My little party trick although not as impactful now I’m 5 stone heavier!

So I’ve started going to zumba with them.  I’ve only tried it once before, having found dvds and the wii game boring.  But the previous class I tried more locally was terrible.  It was just too fitnessy, had no atmosphere, and not a lot of dancing in it.

The new class is a bit of a trek away, with a 30 minute drive.  But having friends to go with and make sure I go does help.  The class is fun, the teacher’s got a dance background (my first time we ended up discussing salsa classes in the area!), and some of the music is my favourite music I’ve previously enjoyed dancing to, including this one used in the tango scene from Shall We Dance.

I’m loving being back exercising even though it’s only once a week at the moment.  I think I’ve found another class 15 minutes drive away in town, so I’m hoping to check that one out.  Hopefully it’ll be another dance teacher and feature more of the latin dance steps like Zumba should do.

The only downside (other than having a moaning OH and having to rely on him not being at work), is that I miss N’s bedtime.

I’m the only one that reads to him, and with me having to leave the house at 6.30 it doesn’t give a lot of time between arriving home from work and afterschool club and going out.  Also, N doesn’t always want a story at that time, he wants it before bed.

The first week he didn’t want me to go, but the second he was happy for me to leave.  He was asleep by the time I get home obviously, but I wasn’t expecting him to wake up as I was heading upstairs to bed at 11.30.  I heard footsteps down the stairs, and saw him appear at the bottom as I walked into the hall.

I thought he might have come down for the toilet, but no.  He just came up to me, gave me a cuddle and then went back upstairs and took himself back to bed.   It was a bit of a surprise, but very cute.

So the zumba class and exercise seems to be going well, plus I get a bit of chat with my friends.  I just need to up the frequency now.

Have you ever tried Zumba classes?  What exercise do you enjoy doing and how do you fit it in?

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  1. I remember years ago doing Zumba on the Wii looool
    It was so much bloody fun – Ive never been to an actually class though. Ive never actually bothered to see if they do them in my area. Missing N’s bedtime sucks though but its only once and a while so thats alright.
    Thanks for sharing this hun 🙂 I now want to go and shake my hips HAHA

    Charlotte x

  2. Glad you are getting close to your dancing again, you have given the impression of missing it over the last few years. I haven’t been to my gymnastics class for a few weeks and the friends I used to go with have all dropped out so I need to motivate myself, it is always easier and more fun when you are with people you know.

    I didn’t know you used to play squash. I did as well, but have only played once since leaving university. I kept my squash shoes though when sorted my shoes the Konmari way.

    1. I don’t even know where my rackets and shoes are, but I’m sure I’d knackered if I stepped on a court again. Haven’t played in about 8 years I suppose, although I did used to play in a league at the leisure centre – there were only 3 girls, and I think I had a reputation for being the stroppy one – let’s just say I got a bit ratty with my racket sometimes at my rubbish play! Maybe by the time N’s old enough to try it, I may be a bit fitter!

  3. Ahh its so important to have something thats just for us as a bit of an escape apart from anything. I always feel awful leaving my little one to go to a class I take once a week, he always cries, but I know I’m soon forgotten once I`m out the door and its only for 2 hours a week!
    I LOVE Zumba, i have zero coordination but its so fun anyway! xx

  4. What style of dance did you do when you were younger? I used to dance myself but find that I don’t have as much stamina as I used to. Zumba is so much fun though and is great for getting you back into dance.

  5. Sounds like a start of something amazing! I also am active before being a mother and is now really really massive because I havent done anything other than school run walk. #pocolo

  6. I absolutely LOVE Zumba Emma! It’s such a fun class and is very suitable for all abilities don’t you think? I am back at the gym full force recently because I had really let my fitness go. I’ve been doing Body Combat and although it is killing me (I am so sore! ) I am loving it at the same time, exercise is just so addictive but the trick is to keep at it! Good for you girl x

    1. Thanks Amy. Yes it’s great fun. Usually I find dvds at home work, but that means I have to get to bed earlier, and motivate myself to get up early to do them. Plus cope with N interrupting while I’m doing them. Going out to exercise is definitely better and more motivating.

  7. I used to love doing zumba, I would go to the classes then I got the dvds it is such good fun! At the moment the most exercise I do is walking to and from work but really want to step it up! 🙂 x

  8. Zumba is something I have never tried – but it sounds great. Really glad to hear you are enjoying it. We have just started to do a park run together – hard work but great fun! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. Yes, I saw your photos of park run. Hard code. Even when I was fit and young, I wasn’t a runner. It’s always good to find something you enjoy.

  9. I remember doing exercise classes when I was younger and loved it! Enjoy your Zumba! It is tricky when we sometimes need to do things when it is bedtime for the kids. I totally get that! For me i’m sometimes too unwell for bedtime stories and i feel sad (guilty) some nights but my daughter understands i cant always be well enough to read every day!

    Angela x

  10. I’ve wanted to do Zumba for ages but unfortunately a back injury is preventing me from taking it up – it looks like so much fun and is meant to be amazing for fitness which is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and getting back into what you love – it’s so important as mums to make sure we are looking after ourselves and doing things we love as well as doing everything for our kids and our families!

    1. It’s definitely great exercise, I sweat A LOT! I really want to do exactly that, and show that I’m not just a slave to the house whihc is what it feels like sometimes.

  11. Sounds brilliant, it is always difficult fitting in you time isn’t it? i tried to go back to yoga about 6 months ago and it coincided with my husband having to spend loads of time abroad for work I think out of the whole term I only went to two! Ive never gone back 🙁 I would like to though as I found it so beneficial. I hope the other class is just as good and you continue to enjoy it :). Love that you got an extra surprise cuddle too x

  12. That does sound very cute. Glad you’re enjoying getting back into dancing, it’s nice to do something for ourselves even if it’s just once a week. Good luck and as they say Keeeeeep dancinggggggg! 🙂

  13. I am so behind on the time i have never done Zumba and don’t think I am fit enough at the min ha ha. I love dance I could watch it all night, especially salsa dancing. I love strictly too my hubby hates me watching it. x

  14. I’ve wanted to try Zumba for ages and I think your post may have just inspired me to look into it a little more and find out where my local zumba class is.
    Bless N waking up and coming down for a cuddle, awww. He’ll soon get use to you going in the evening 🙂 xx

  15. I adore zumba. Our teacher was quite dancey and, bless her, included some quite complicated routines without a vast amount of compromise for the rythmically challenged, but I liked it a lot. That and the fact that she was about half my age and therefore kept me up to date with the latest tooonz.

    1. Ha ha, that’s good because most of the instructors near us are older and come to it when they’ve discovered it. Although 4 people I used to do salsa and ceroc with are also now zumba teachers – just not in my area unfortunately.

  16. Good for you for getting back to something you love! I have friends who Zumba and love it. I don’t know that I’m coordinated enough… I may try one day!

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