toddler waking up from sleep in a tractor grobag

Summer nightwear for toddlers

The warmer weather has again brought to the fore the wonder (or panic) of bedtime and what toddlers should be wearing in bed. Nightwear for toddlers. There’s never much information and it’s a case of working it out for yourself.

N usually likes to be quite warm in bed, although his room does get really hot in the day, and then by early morning the temperature drops quickly.  Although even if he does have a light blanket over him, he’s usually laid on it by the end of the night so kind of defeats the object of having it.

So we’ve had to move from his 3 layered, vest, pyjamas and  fleecy sleepsuit back to a sleepbag again.  Joy, it means we can now use his ‘tractor’ grobags that I found in a Tesco baby event a little while back.  They’re only 1 tog so perfect for this weather, but it’s hard to know what to put on underneath.

Long sleeved pjs or vest?

I’ve gone for vest just because he has a new one on after his bath and then that’s one less item to get him dressed in when he wakes up.  But, as a long sleeved vest is too warm for day at the moment, he’s sleeping in a short sleeved one.  I thought his arms would be cold being sleeveless out of the grobag, but he seems to be sleeping just as well as before.

And he looks very cute in his tractor bag.  Plus it avoids him wandering around the cot as he would usually do in his fleecy sleepsuits. (It does amuse me watching him after he’s had his milk trying to walk in it over to the cot…cruel mummy!),

toddler waking up from sleep in a tractor grobag

Once summer’s over, I’m planning to move him to duvet for autumn/winter, and I guess then it’s thinking about whether we take cot sides off then too.  Hopefully by then he still likes his sleep as much and we don’t get too much night wandering around in the dark.

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