People always say that  babies like plugs and hence the whole babyproofing thing.  We didn’t really do baby proofing (apart from a ‘lock’ on the bleach & cleaning cupboard) as N was going to have to learn where he could and couldn’t play.  Nothing was really going to be that traumatic if he went in it – his ‘snack’ cupboard was the riskiest if he got into it, so I just used to put the kitchen chairs in front of those cupboards to put him off (until he could move them).

Thankfully, he was never really that interested in plugs.  The nearest was wanting to put his dad’s shaving cable into the correct plug, and trying to put my laptop cable in the correct hole.  We’ve never had the whole putting fingers, or items into plugs.

We might have not had that, but we’re now into the ‘flicking switches’ stage.  I’m just waiting for the whole circuit to be tripped as I turn on the little light in his bedroom at night rather than the main light, to have him then go over and turn off that and the nightlight at the plug.  Grr.

If I don’t turn it on, he then moans to have the light on.

Yesterday in the hairdressers, he liked the look of the light buttons on the massage chair they have for hair-washing. Yep, turned the vibrate on…it was pretty violent so that was a shock for him, but then the hair dresser said he could carry on, so that was a few minutes of button pressing.  So relieved he didn’t break it!

I’m really hoping it’s a short phase.

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  1. funnity isn’t it with my first we baby proofed EVERYTHING. And now he’ll touch and get into whatever he can (even though he’s much older!) – with the second we did hardly anything, and she just learned no and don’t touch, much much quicker. Wish I’d done that to start with!!

    1. You never know though. Some still try and get into everything, but I’m fairly relaxed about it. would rather tell him no for the important things, and for him to learn as he goes along. Seems to be going ok for the time being

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