Welsh beaches – Three Cliffs Bay and Caswell Bay

Beach days in Gower Wales - Bubbablue and me

When you go on summer holiday with children, the main aim is usually to spend time on the beach.  For 3 years running we’ve always gone camping with friends in the same week, and so far have had pretty good weather throughout. This year though, only going for 4 nights instead of the usual 6, and we weren’t as lucky.  We had 2 beautiful days of sunshine – arrival day and the second day, and did manage to make the… Continue Reading “Welsh beaches – Three Cliffs Bay and Caswell Bay”

Buckets and spades, beach fun at Weston-Super-Mare

jelly shoes walking to see the sea

Living in the middle of the country, there’s not much opportunity to go to the beach.  N’s been a couple of time, but only for a short time – a quick paddle, and walk on the beach.  He’s been keen to go to the seaside this summer, so when I was looking to go away, I wanted to be near enough to visit the beach. Staying in Bristol meant we were near enough to go for a day trip while… Continue Reading “Buckets and spades, beach fun at Weston-Super-Mare”

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside


N’s experience of the seaside before this weekend was limited to about 10 minutes on the beach last August in wellies, before the rainclouds opened.  So it was great that we were able to do a fleeting visit to the beach in better weather this year. As we were with a group, we couldn’t spend much time on the beach, instead walking up the promenade and seeing what was around, but I’m sure N would have loved to have spent… Continue Reading “Oh we do like to be beside the seaside”

OK I lied!

Bubbablue and me avatar

So far, so pants at getting back to blogging. In summary, N & I have been on a road trip holiday this last week, so lots to remember to blog about, but I only had my phone with me which takes soooo long to write anything decent in length. I’ve got back to find OH has decluttered the house – basically anything not in cupboards/on shelves etc has been put somewhere for me to sort and chuck/sell/whatever.  Which basically means… Continue Reading “OK I lied!”