10 tips for having a caesarean section

10 tips for having a caesarean section - Bubbablue and me

One of my friends recently had a planned caesarean section with her second baby, due to an awkward and unsafe baby position (totally unexpected compared with her birthplan and what she thought she’d be having throughout her pregnancy). As I’d had one (unplanned, but the least emergency-like one could possibly be) there were lots of questions coming my way.  I thought I’d give some tips that I’d like to have known beforehand, whether planned or unplanned. My 10 tips for having… Continue Reading “10 tips for having a caesarean section”

Caesarean viewing

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N’s seen his first caesarean.  A couple of weekends ago we went out early after breakfast for a wander down to the yard and to feed the pigs, only to find his dad and uncle having called the vet (handily living next door) as there was a heifer struggling in labour.  So we decided that as the cow was in the ‘crush’ to keep it from thrashing out, that we may as well watch.  I quite enjoy watching them as… Continue Reading “Caesarean viewing”