Helping kids have broader life experiences – trip to Blenheim Palace

Broader life experiences and a day trip to Blenheim Palace - Bubbablue and me

I’ve said it before, if N could stay on the farm all the time helping out he would. He’d be quite happy trailing his dad around, or his uncle.  And apart from wanting to go on holidays, he would happily forego any days out with me.  Obviously this makes me sad.  I don’t get to spend much time with him as it is being at work and with school, so weekends are precious.  But more than that I want him… Continue Reading “Helping kids have broader life experiences – trip to Blenheim Palace”

Children’s birthday party nightmare

So far, most of the parties that N has been invited to have mostly been via friends of mine – so NCT, friends from initial swimming classes, or neighbours.  I expect this will probably change next year once he starts school, but if any of his own parties end up like his cousin’s disco party, I will definitely despair.  I’m not sure I want to keep an eye on a whole lot of children I’m unlikely to have met before.… Continue Reading “Children’s birthday party nightmare”

How not to teach your child to share

sand digging

So, all parents have different ways of teaching their children values and behaviour, but I have to say that my recent experience when we went to the playground in Stratford-upon-Avon the other week really proved that some have a warped idea of behaving well in front of their children. Our group had three 3 year old boys in, although N and his best friend L tended to follow each other around.  There’s a great sandpit area with equipment in, and… Continue Reading “How not to teach your child to share”

Sorry man – when are manners too much?

I’m not sure where he’s got it from, but N’s turned into the ‘sorry’ man. You know? The English way of saying ‘sorry’ automatically, when it’s not their fault, or nothing really warrants it. That’s N at the moment. He crowds me in the cloakroom while I’m trying to put his seat on the toilet for him, ‘sorry’. I bump back into him because he’s stood too close, ‘sorry’. He sits down in the wrong place or the right place,… Continue Reading “Sorry man – when are manners too much?”

From good boy to nasty child


Ok, so the title’s a little OTT, but N’s no longer the sweet child he was. The last week or so, we’ve seen (what I’m hoping is a fairly normal phase) N start shouting unpleasant things at people. It’s like he’s been indoctrinated by violent video games (Talking Cat, maybe?), been watching too many Quentin Tarantino movies, and listening to too many awful news reports.  But actually he’s not been doing any of these.  I’m hoping it’s just being a… Continue Reading “From good boy to nasty child”

Behaviour – what level of strictness is too strict?

shocked toddler

It’s so hard to know how strict to be with your child’s behaviour.  Obviously the way you’ve been brought up makes a difference, and you have to contend with both parents’ point of view.  But at least you can control your own children, even if you have to sit and watch others’  run riot. This weekend I took N to my best friend’s son’s christening where I was being godmother.  It was at the my friend’s parents’ house, and they… Continue Reading “Behaviour – what level of strictness is too strict?”