How to make birthday party planning easier

How to make children's birthday party planning easier - Bubbablue and me

I’m not a party planner. I’ve not even organised that many birthday parties.  I’d probably rather have a smaller get together with friends, but when you have children you can’t get away from holding at least 1 birthday party.  I might moan about organising parties, but given I’m a project manager and love order and logistics, I can certainly share my tips on making party planning easy. I’m focusing on children’s birthday parties, but these tips are easily applicable to… Continue Reading “How to make birthday party planning easier”

Planning for a non-birthday outdoor party

planning for a non birthday outdoor party

Yet again, I think I’ve made a mistake in promising to N he could have a party later in the year, after just having a couple of friends round for tea for his birthday.  Well, I said it would be a ‘non-birthday’ party, but really it’s more like a playdate…with what could be turning out to be quite a lot of children. The plan is to have the party in the garden, let the children just play outside, get them… Continue Reading “Planning for a non-birthday outdoor party”

Party gift etiquette

Having children means parties.  Their own and other people’s (although so far we’ve avoided having a party for N – I reckon in future we’ll do it in the summer so we stand a better chance of getting decent weather and doing it outside on the farm). This is when you start to wonder about gift etiquette.  It’s hard enough for parents doing party bags, but also gets complicated when it’s your child going to a party. For a formal… Continue Reading “Party gift etiquette”