Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity

Paper people outline activity ideas for children - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent we come across something so simple that our children enjoy and wonder why we’ve never thought about it before. It’s only really been this year that N’s been interested in drawing (last year he discovered colouring was fun, this year It’s drawing and writing). He’ll surprise me by getting out numerous boxes of pens, pencils and other craft bits and pieces when I least expect it. It is annoying when I walk in to find sellotape… Continue Reading “Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity”

Getting arty with Chalkola chalk pens – review and giveaway

Review of Chalkola pens, liquid chalk markers for non-porous surfaces, great for upcycling or crafts - Bubbablue and me

There’s something special about stationery, and in particular I love pens.  N has inherited this love because any new pens that I bring into the house, and he’s nosying trying to use them.  With the Chalkola chalk pens I was sent to review, I knew I’d struggle to keep him away. Chalkola are fairly chunky chalk markers which have ink that looks like chalk. They can be used on any non-porous material, including glass, metal, porcelain and more.  The variety of… Continue Reading “Getting arty with Chalkola chalk pens – review and giveaway”

10 things you should be buying from The Works

This is a collaborative post I love to shop and have been a fan of The Works for many years now.  Any shop that rotates stock like it does, and has bargains galore of the little things that can be bought for myself, N or presents is a winner in my book.  I also have their loyalty card (amongst the masses in my purse.  Is anyone else overrun by loyalty cards?).  I’m always amazed when people look at me blankly… Continue Reading “10 things you should be buying from The Works”

What to put in a kids craft box for different ages

making a children's craft box - Bubbablue and me

We all know that children love to paint and make a mess getting creative, and that giving children the opportunity to do so is good for them. But it’s one of those activities that always takes time to set up, put away, clean up, and the need for different bits and pieces to craft with could be never ending. But really, keeping a small box of craft supplies doesn’t take that much effort, doesn’t cost a lot, and can be… Continue Reading “What to put in a kids craft box for different ages”

Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky

Fun ways to teach kids the night sky Bubbablue and me

N’s always been interested in learning about the night sky, the moon and stars, and many a time we’ve stopped to look out of the window.  We talk about the different stages of the moon especially, he’s a bit obsessed when it’s a crescent moon. We’re lucky in that living in the middle of nowhere, we have a pitch black sky and the stars look amazing, but it’s really hard to see one constellation to point it out to N.  … Continue Reading “Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky”

My Sunday Photo – granny square blanket

Bright Granny Square blanket and sprawling child

I’ve finally managed to complete my first big crochet project.  This granny square blanket came from a kit that my best friend gave me for Christmas. It’s not usually the colours I’d go for but it’s so cheerful and really what a granny square basic should be – nice and bright and colourful.  I did go wrong in one place but you can’t tell without examining closely, and it’s not put off N who sprawled on it as soon as… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – granny square blanket”

A Mad Science party for 5 year olds

How to make science bunting

When we started thinking about N’s birthday party it was all a bit of a blur.  Unless your child has a particular yearning for one theme, you can come unstuck with all the offers out there.  We joined up with his best friend as their birthdays are only a few weeks apart and they’d be inviting the same people from school and NCT,  and then it was on to party planning. The party theme You’d think 2 boys the same… Continue Reading “A Mad Science party for 5 year olds”

Wet weather activity – pottery painting at The Pottery Place

My heart always falls when the weather is horrendous and I’ve got a day planned to go out with N.  He’d probably not be too bothered about being out in the rain, but I’m not that keen.   So over the break I decided maybe we should give pottery painting a go. Now, of course you can do pottery (or glass) painting at home.  It can be pretty cheap if you just want to decorate a mug, plate, tile and you… Continue Reading “Wet weather activity – pottery painting at The Pottery Place”

No sew nativity costume – make in 10 minutes

no sew 10 minute nativity costumes - Bubbablue and me

In the past (well, last year’s nursery nativity) I’ve just gone and bought a nativity costume because I just don’t have the time to sew, find patterns, spend a fortune on material and then have it end up looking stupid.  But this year N is a villager in his nativity play. In his book bag there was a slip: N – villager.  Needs a long tunic, belt, tea towel and band. Ok, tea towel and band were easy enough.  I… Continue Reading “No sew nativity costume – make in 10 minutes”

How to pimp your pumpkin the easy way – Sharpie pumpkin art

Creating pumpkin art - Bubbablueandme

I know I’m late with my pumpkin post, but I like to take time to reflect!  And hey, I’m not yet talking Christmas. N was looking forward to having a pumpkin, so I agreed again we would carve one.  We chose a medium sized one this year – much easier to lug around and it was really quick to carve out. Last year, I bought a poundshop carving kit which was rubbish.  Then I used N’s kiddycutter knife which was… Continue Reading “How to pimp your pumpkin the easy way – Sharpie pumpkin art”