Music Exploration 20 – the likes and loathing of film music

dancing to Horrid Henry

This month’s Music Exploration covers what feels like a broad spectrum of time, given we’ve got Christmas in there as well as the more normal new year.  So it’s a real mix of, mostly accidental, music. This month, we Sang More nativity songs and Christmas carols. N had his nativity play back in December.  He was a villager and that meant singing in most of the songs, so I was astounded that he sang every single one he was meant… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 20 – the likes and loathing of film music”

Music Exploration 19 – Christmas carols and french songs

10 minute make a no sew nativity costume

We’ve not focused on music much this month.  Although with Christmas coming, music has been high on the agenda by default. This month we’ve Sung Nativity songs N had his nativity play which was ‘There’s a miracle in town’.  He was a villager, but that meant singing virtually all the songs along with the actions.  He loves to sing and I’ve been able to hear him practising around the house.  I don’t recognise any of the songs, apart from Heads,… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 19 – Christmas carols and french songs”

Music Exploration month 18 – drumming

double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

We’ve been a bit rubbish recently listening to music.  After the Paddington Concert last month, N’s still just been obsessed with rock music, although there’s been some other music floating round. Here’s what we’ve been doing musically this month. Listened to World music.  Unintentionally though.  With a bit of Strictly Come Dancing providing samba and other latin music on occasion, N does seem to turn from what he’s doing to listen and watch anything that sounds out of context.  As… Continue Reading “Music Exploration month 18 – drumming”

Music Exploration 16: Festivals at home

chilling out listening to music at nursery

This month’s been a quiet one for music. Our plan to go to Cornbury didn’t happen because N had his non-birthday party the same weekend, so we’ve been limited to talking and listening to music on the radio and tv. Listening to: ACDC on the radio.  It’s not often Radio 2 plays hard rock on the radio, but one day ACDC came on the radio on the nursery run.  N was so pleased, he was singing along. We’ve also heard… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 16: Festivals at home”

Bringing the piano home

inside a piano - dampers and strings

A couple of weeks ago saw the arrival of my piano.  After living in this house where it was big enough to have a piano for close to 13 years, I’ve finally managed to move it from my mum’s house to ours. The reason it wasn’t moved earlier was because the OH flat out refused to have it in the house, saying it would get used as a dumping ground, clutter the place up and that he’d chop it up… Continue Reading “Bringing the piano home”

Cushion Concerts and a Family Prom

cushion concerts music linky

I heard about the cushion concerts at St Hildas College, Oxford last year, but hadn’t really done anything until recently to find out more about them.  Basically, they’re family and educational based concerts aimed at children aged 5 and under.  The aim is to introduce children to different instruments and encourage them to listen, learn and get involved with music.  All done through a promenade idea of bringing a cushion along to sit on, although there are gallery tickets available… Continue Reading “Cushion Concerts and a Family Prom”