dancing to Horrid Henry

Music Exploration 20 – the likes and loathing of film music

This month’s Music Exploration covers what feels like a broad spectrum of time, given we’ve got Christmas in there as well as the more normal new year.  So it’s a real mix of, mostly accidental, music.

This month, we


More nativity songs and Christmas carols.

N had his nativity play back in December.  He was a villager and that meant singing in most of the songs, so I was astounded that he sang every single one he was meant to, including adding the actions.  Maybe I have a little performer on my hands…until he gets more self conscious and drops out like my brother did once he got too ‘cool’ for it.

Afterwards the Christmas songs continued well into the Christmas holiday, including Christmas carols as well as the nativity songs.

Watched and danced to

Film music.  And not just musicals.  Well, when can’t you if not at Christmas?

Some of the favourite children’s films have music and songs in which I think is perfect to break them up.  And it gives children a chance to get up and dance around.  N’s favourite has (unsurprisingly) been Horrid Henry.  The OH always says it’s a bad choice of film to let N watch due to being a bad influence with naughty obnoxious children in it.  Fair point, but I think it’s quite funny, it’s got some really famous actors in it, and N enjoys the music.  Plus the film turns out well in the end with the children fighting for the school.

dancing to Horrid Henry

I caught N one day in front of the tv, singing along and dancing to the party song at the end.  It was lovely to watch him following the moves along.  Then a few days later he was pretending to be Horrid Henry rocking in the classroom.  Yes, anything with rock music is bound to interest N.


Disappointingly, he wasn’t keen on the various concerts that were shown over Christmas and that I recorded for him.  He turned his nose up at Bryan Adams, U2 and Michael Buble, although he doesn’t mind listening to them in the car.

Listened to

ACDC in the car.  Yes, I couldn’t get away from it that easily.   N’s also requested ACDC on the playlist for the joint birthday party he’s having, so I’ve had to  tell him that he doesn’t get to choose it all, plus we need a mix of tracks.  Note to self, must find some kids party music to download over the next couple of weeks.


The ukelele.

N was sent a ukelele from Musicroom.com as part of a gift wrap video challenge, and has been strumming away.  I’m not sure he’ll be focusing on learning notes anytime soon, but I’m happy if he just enjoys having it to play and maybe next year he’ll want to have lessons at school.

playing the ukelele

Tried to avoid

Frozen.  Without success.

N went to a Frozen party the other day.  He really detests Frozen, I’m presuming because he’s heard too much of the music when at nursery last year because I don’t think he’s ever watched the film.

Ana at a Frozen party

But there was no escaping it at the party where there was Elsa and Ana singing (very loudly) and party games to Frozen music.  It did make me chuckle, but he was happy enough watching, and chatting and playing with his best friend who was also there.

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  1. My kids are huge into music you only have to turn the radio on and they both will jump up and start dancing. We have always attend music class from when they were born. It’s been such a lovely thing to be apart of. This sounds great and music is such a great learning tool. Great post hun. Thanks for linking up to Share With me #sharewithme

  2. Erin listens to all the chart music and loves it because she just follows her teen sister! She sings away to the radio whenever we are in the car.

  3. My Joe loves music too, although we seem to be stuck with football chants at the moment.

  4. We are also NOT a frozen household!! seems like were in the minority. My other half and eldest like to listen to ACDC and I have to tolerate it!!

  5. Ha ha hes not the only one who detests Frozen :). We have not come across the Horrid Henry film but I can imagine Monkey would love dancing and singing along with it.

  6. We love ACDC too. Pickle, at 3 has eclectic music taste, thanks to his three teen siblings. His top tracks currently include Drake, Justin Bieber, Arctic Monkeys and Charli XCX. He sings along. Loudly! Love your post and photos! Kaz x

  7. Love that you played ACDC in the car, brilliant. My daughter and I used to dance to Santana and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in the kitchen when she was young, her music tastes are now different to mine but music fills our house and that makes me happy.

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