parterre and pigeon house at rousham

Project 52 2018 week 19 – pigeon house

This week’s been a manic one. Starting off with the bank holiday and beautiful weather.  I had some time over the weekend to get out to Rousham Gardens, private house that opens its gardens up to the public (over 15s only). It was really beautiful, and perfect for someone who loves photographing flowers. I was a few weeks early for the wisteria and colourful flower beds, so might have to go back next month. But it was still lovely and relaxing.

N spent quite a bit of time playing out in the garden. Yes, the paddling pool came out and we had to painfully fill it by bucket from the sink (we have no outdoor tap – it was put on the side o the house which is now in he lodgers’ garden.

Then it was back to school and work.  Work has been full of ups and down – we’re now got fewer people working there, and our roles have changed. We’ve taken on a lot more responsibility for decisions and budgets, and I’ve got tasks that previously sat with 2 people above me. Not so bad usually, but a nightmare when you’re given 2 days to turn things around when you’re already swamped with prep for a big meeting.  But thankfully by the end of the week, all was under control again, before a big week coming up. The challenge is going ok, I’m pleased to have it again because it was a little relaxed before (great for writing blog posts in, I was 6 posts behind this week because I’ve not had time spare to think).

The week finished off with N’s swimming lesson, and then a short bike ride and walk.

This weeks Project 52 shot is of the pigoen house and parterre at Rousham Gardens.

parterre and pigeon house at rousham

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  1. What a grand house for the pigeons, wouldn’t mind living there myself! It sounds like you’ve had a very busy week. Glad it settled down by the end. I know what you mean about filling the padding pool up with buckets. We have no outside tap either and live in a top floor flat (my legs got a good work out that day, hehe).

  2. Rousham Gardens looks likes a great place to visit. We must take the kids there some time. Usually when I head that way we’re only going to Bicester Village …

  3. what fantastic gardens, I like the idea of no one under the age of 15 being let in, as much as i love my kids, i’ve never been a big fan of other peoples especially when they think their kids have all the rights. The job sounds a bit stressful with tight deadlines, but sounds like you have it all under control

  4. It looks like a beautiful place! Work sounds stressful, but I’m glad you’ve managed to get it under control. Filling the paddling pool with a bucket sounds like very hard work!

  5. Hi Emma, it’s nice to end the working week on top of things! What a beautiful setting the Pigeon house is in, whoever clips those hedges knows their job!


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