Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky

Fun ways to teach kids the night sky Bubbablue and me

N’s always been interested in learning about the night sky, the moon and stars, and many a time we’ve stopped to look out of the window.  We talk about the different stages of the moon especially, he’s a bit obsessed when it’s a crescent moon. We’re lucky in that living in the middle of nowhere, we have a pitch black sky and the stars look amazing, but it’s really hard to see one constellation to point it out to N.  … Continue Reading “Fun ways to teach kids about the night sky”

A snowy walk round the farm

a snowy walk on the farm - Bubbbalue and me

Whenever the weather is playing ball, I frequently gaze out and hope I can get out to take some photos. It doesn’t always work out that way – usually we have other plans.  But the other week we had snowing falling on the weekend, so it was the prime opportunity to go for a snowy photography walk. N was really excited that it had snowed, and we got all dressed up in outdoor gear.  Then we opened the front door… Continue Reading “A snowy walk round the farm”

Squirrel and bird spotting during a park cycle

Cycling progress during a trip to the park - Bubbablue and me

Over the last month we’ve really not gone too far afield.  It’s definitely been a chance to get out in the parks near home, and with his new bike, riding it is all he’s really wanted to do. The other week I wanted to get out and about with N, so before we headed off to collect our painted fired pottery, we headed to one of the parks in town, bike in the boot ready for a cycle. For 9am… Continue Reading “Squirrel and bird spotting during a park cycle”

We’re going on a bug hunt

It’s not often at weekends that I get to spend any time with N because unless we’ve got something booked in to do, he’s usually wanting to go out on the farm with his dad. But the other day, I managed to persuade him to come out with me to get some school shoes, and after we got back there was time to spare before his dad would come and get him again to go out. N had got out… Continue Reading “We’re going on a bug hunt”