We’re going on a bug hunt

It’s not often at weekends that I get to spend any time with N because unless we’ve got something booked in to do, he’s usually wanting to go out on the farm with his dad.

But the other day, I managed to persuade him to come out with me to get some school shoes, and after we got back there was time to spare before his dad would come and get him again to go out.

We're going on a bug hunt with bug discover kit - Bubbablueandme

N had got out the bug kit he got given a few weeks ago for his non-birthday party, and decided he wanted to find some bugs.  I wasn’t sure how easy it would be given it’s not been wet recently, but I said I’d help show him where he might find some bugs and beetles.

So magnifying glass and bug box in hand he was off round the garden.

Turning over logs

bug hunting under logs

Looking under bark and looking on flowers.  Last year we had the geraniums , and therefore tonnes of caterpillars, but this year, the trailing roses have escaped any.

looking for bugs on flowers

We resorted to examining the little red spiders on the wall, until we found a bug alongside them.

looking for bugs under logs

Quick scoop into the bug box and N was happy looking at it…for all of 2 minutes before he got distracted and went off to drive his gator off somewhere.

I’m not sure N’s quite cut out to be a nature conservationist at the moment but he had a good half hour doing his bug hunt.

Are your children fans of bugs?

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  1. I love that your little boy wanst to get out on the farm with his daddy, they all want to be like dad, it is so cute. Mine all love bugs and often want to pick them up. We’ve always got bug hotels outside the door.Mich x

  2. We love to go on bug hunts! My girls love exploring and finding bugs to examine under the magnifying glass 🙂 #countrykids

  3. Bug hunts are always a hit here on the farm, we’ve spent quite a few activity hours hunting for bugs in the fairy garden. N looks like he was really interested in his bug hunting even if the interest only lasted half an hour. Bug hunting is a great way to get kids outside learning about nature. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  4. Brilliatn, bug hunt sounds like an excellent time 🙂 I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for us to go bug hunting, it sounds like it would be great fun! 🙂 #countrykids

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