Conkers here, there and everywhere

Here, there and everywhere.  That’s what the conker situation is like in our house at the moment.

We didn’t manage to get out to collect conkers last weekend, but we didn’t really need to thanks to N’s nursery school.

I arrived home on Thursday to find conkers everywhere.  N’s original few had turned into an overflowing jar, and every time he moved, conkers fell from his pockets.

He took one to bed with him, then in the morning was padding around in the dark trying to find it again.

And I’ve put two through the wash without checking pockets.  I’m obviously going to have to start checking his pockets as well as his dad’s

Today, as we were walking into nursery we bumped into a staff member from his room…who was carrying a bag of conkers!  Tonight I must remember to check all pockets.

Plus, what are we meant to do with all our conkers?  I’ll have to have a nosy on Pinterest to see if there are any ideas, as I don’t think he’s really old enough to be destroying them in a game of conkers.  Please do drop any suggestions you have in the comments as it’d be good to get some ideas.

What strange places have you found conkers?

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  1. I possibly have the strangest use for conkers. We currently have a bag full hanging above the toilet as a potty training incentive. If he sit’s on the loo he gets to put one in a jar. #PoCoLo

  2. Grace is also obsessed with conkers at the moment! I saw a really great craft somewhere that you could use a shoe lace to thread them together and make them into a snake 🙂 Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. I love that one went to bed with him! As with Up All Hours, we have a lot of acorns here, along with twigs and leaves. Apparently, the 4yo has plans to make a ‘star picture’ with them?!

    1. He he. Interestingly, I’ve only seen one (huge) spider since the conkers arrived and that’s with them just in a jar rather than spread around the house. Maybe there is truth in the rumour!

  4. I am in the same position but with Acorns! Keep finding them under the sofa, in pockets and really randomly one floating in the bath last night! No idea how it got there. x

    1. Oh dear. N’s not interested in acorns at all and we’ve got lots of those at home. It’s just conkers for him. I usually find gravel and stones from the drive appearing from pockets, so I suppose conkers are preferable.

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