The man in the moon

N seems to be obsessed with the moon this week.

I don’t know whether they’ve been looking at books about the moon at nursery because we’ve not been talking about it at home for a long time.

Every evening before bed and after tea, he tends to have a chill out (interspersed with nutty running around and play sessions) with his dad.  N’s really noticing how it’s getting darker earlier, quite often telling us ‘it’s dark’.

But the last few nights he’s been asking about the moon.

‘Where’s the moon, mummy?’

‘Behind the clouds’ or ‘somewhere we can’t see it out of the windows’.

Yesterday on the way home from nursery, it was a beautiful clear blue sky, and the sun was shining brightly as it was setting.  From the back seat I hear

‘Where’s the moon? That it?’

‘That’s the sun, we see that in the day time, the moon comes out at night’

So with last night being clear, we were able to look at the moon for him before bed.  I have to say, he seemed a bit put out by it and not very excited at all.  Maybe as it becomes a full moon it’ll be more interesting for him as it was a bit of a weird shape yesterday.

So now I just need to get him into star constellations and I might have a little astronomer on my hands.  Oh, and work out where he’s got this interest from to work out if there’s anything I need to find out in advance of further questions.

What do your children think of the moon?


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  1. My kids love the moon and stars too, there is something very captivating about the night sky. Lovely post #MagicMoments

    1. Definitely an exciting view, the nightsky. We’ve not got to the stars point, as recently they’ve not really been on show. Once the rain’s gone and clouds, I’ll try and get him looking for those as well.

  2. OMG Emma we are having exactly the same thing at the moment (Joshua 2.5 years) is obsessed with it being dark and needing to see the moon!!

    Thanks for linking up honey with #MagicMoments x

    1. Oh it’s so cute isn’t it. I was a bit concerned this evening as he was asking to see the moon before bed, and it’s so cloudy we couldn’t see it. Luckily he did go to bed with us just saying it was hiding behind the clouds, but it was a tense moment! So so sweet.

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  4. Aww bless!! When my youngest was in nursery she was obsessed with the moon….No idea why but she loved it and still does x

    1. I remember talking to our youngest nephew about the moon at a similar age. It must be a toddler thing, although bizarrely he’s not fussed about the sun. I think it’s interest at the darkness as in the summer he never saw it. Must get out the pop up book about the planets I bought as maybe he’ll be interested in that too.

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