Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre

Westgate Oxford shopping centre - Bubbablue and me

When you’ve got a child, shopping for leisure takes on a whole new meaning. i.e. it doesn’t really happen unless you have the time while the child is in school. I was invited to visit the newly opened Westgate Oxford shopping centre and was finally able to get there when N was out on a shoot day with his dad. Bliss, a day to shop with vouchers, and enjoy a relaxing time to myself. I lived in Oxford for over… Continue Reading “Checking out the new Westgate Oxford shopping centre”

Keeping warm while camping with Blacks – giveaway

bedding options when camping - Bubbablue and me

Everyone loves nick nacks and intriguing gadgets, don’t they?  Of the kind you find in kitchen shops or outdoor shops?  I could spend hours in outdoor shops, and I don’t even like walking in the countryside. Ironic given I live on a farm.  (I much prefer walking round towns with everything to see than across fields, just don’t tell my OH!). Each year we have an annual camping trip with friends (mostly mums and the kids), and every time I… Continue Reading “Keeping warm while camping with Blacks – giveaway”

Hotter shoes Spring Summer season event

Spring and Summer at Hotter Shoes Oxford - Bubbabue and me

Last year I attended a Hotter shoes blogger event at Banbury’s new store.  This season it was the turn of Oxford to host a party for some of the Oxfordshire Bloggers gang.  I love getting together with other bloggers, and this time it was a mostly new crowd to me. We were introducing some of the bright young fashion and beauty bloggers of the county to Hotter along with us more tired parenting bloggers. Of course I’d arrived too early,… Continue Reading “Hotter shoes Spring Summer season event”

Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares

Swimming trunks for boys and shopping nightmares- Bubbablue and me

I’ve found in the past that whenever I’ve wanted to buy the next size up clothes for N, I always struggle to find the size I’m after. It’s almost like the whole of our town have gone out and bought every item of clothing in that size just before I have. Sods law. But I’ve never been as exasperated as I have the last couple of weeks trying to buy swimming trunks for boys. Of course, if N was like… Continue Reading “Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares”

10 things you should be buying from The Works

This is a collaborative post I love to shop and have been a fan of The Works for many years now.  Any shop that rotates stock like it does, and has bargains galore of the little things that can be bought for myself, N or presents is a winner in my book.  I also have their loyalty card (amongst the masses in my purse.  Is anyone else overrun by loyalty cards?).  I’m always amazed when people look at me blankly… Continue Reading “10 things you should be buying from The Works”

How to buy the perfect pair of jeans

how to buy the perfect pair of jeans - Bubbablue and me

I live in jeans outside of work.  Apart from dancing where I might opt for trousers because they’re cooler, it’s jeans for day or going out for me. The last time I had a wardrobe clear out, I had about 20 pairs of jeans, many that didn’t fit.  Plus the 3 or 4 pairs I do actually fit into. I have to admit, the numbers are creeping up again. Putting on weight (and having decluttered the old larger sizes last… Continue Reading “How to buy the perfect pair of jeans”

How to be a super efficient money-saving shopper

how to be a super efficient money saving shopper - Bubbablue and me

I do a lot of shopping. Actually I lie.  I do a lot of wandering round town and buying little bits and pieces I need, but rarely do a browsing shopping trip. And I’m talking clothes.  I usually buy jeans from M&S or Sainsbury’s when I need them, but rarely shop for myself for clothes apart from sale season.  I’m usually looking out for clothes for N instead. But I seem to have a reputation amongst friends for being a… Continue Reading “How to be a super efficient money-saving shopper”

Car buying – the good the bad and the ugly

Car buying - the good the bad and the ugly Bubbablue and me

I’ve been meaning to change my car since December, but my research didn’t get very far.  Before starting, I always think it’s exciting buying a car,.  But really, apart from a new car where you can spec it yourself, it’s tedious unless you know exactly what you want.  I knew the type of car (there were around 4 or 5 options), I was debating a 4×4 or AWD, and I had an idea of budget. But going to dealers and trying… Continue Reading “Car buying – the good the bad and the ugly”

Oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May with LisaB Styling

oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May Oxford

For someone who currently lives in jeans and tops or jumpers outside work, and black trousers and brighter tops in work, a styling event doesn’t sound like somewhere you’d fine me.  But last week, I met up with other Oxfordshire Bloggers for a styling event at an independent boutique in Oxford, Olivia May. Organised by Kate who runs Oxfordshire Bloggers, the event brought together some of the usual crowd plus some other newer bloggers and business owners, to find out… Continue Reading “Oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May with LisaB Styling”

Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter

testing out the microscooter

Scooters have always gone down well in our house.  N had a My First Scooter when he was 2, and hasn’t looked back, more frequently using my adult one if we’re out because he’d grown out of his own.  But I’ve been looking longingly at the Micro Scooters for a while now, and decided that his 5th birthday he could have one for his main present. Because we can’t walk or scoot to school, I was initially loathed to spend… Continue Reading “Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter”