What makes a happy day for a working school mum

happy times for working school mums - Bubbablue and me

Making the move from mum to school mum (or dad to school dad if you’re the one doing the bulk of the school organisation/admin load) can be a big step. I find there’s big satisfaction when it goes to plan and N gets to school on time, with everything he needs, and nothing is missing by the time he’s home again. But add in being a working mum to the mix as well, and the logistics can get even more… Continue Reading “What makes a happy day for a working school mum”

Blogging traits – the weird blog world

Blogging traits - weird work of bloggers - Bubbablue and me

Some people start blogging and they might already have got involved on Twitter or Instagram, or follow other bloggers and so understand more about what being a blogger is about. But when I started I knew no bloggers and apart from vaguely being on twitter (ie I set up an account years ago), I had no idea. But 5 (or is it 6) years in, blogging has definitely changed me – I’m now a night owl for example. And that’s… Continue Reading “Blogging traits – the weird blog world”

Manic work week + Sure Woman Maximum Protection…

Equals dry and fragrant all day long. This week has really been a challenge on the work front for me which has affected the rest of the family too.  Monday to Wednesday involved 3 days of customer meetings (two in London and one in Bradford).  So lots of frantic preparation for meetings, but it seemed to involve more stress trying to sort out nursery runs, train times and meals. Gran had to do the nursery run on Monday morning for… Continue Reading “Manic work week + Sure Woman Maximum Protection…”