My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 7 – Zebra fun

zebra selfie at Whipsnade zoo

Half term is nearly over for us – back to work and school on Monday.  N spent Monday and Tuesday working on the farm with his dad, and checking lambing progress – he has 10 ewes due to give birth, althoguh this year is a bit confusing because they’re not clear which of the 20 sheep are his and which are his cousins. I suppose they’ll just divvy them up once all have had their lambs. Then we had 3… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 7 – Zebra fun”

Marwell Zoo and the Great Brick Safari

Marwell Zoo Great Brick Safari - Bubbablue and me

Whenever we go away, I always plan to write up several of our days out. But bizarrely out day trip to Marwell Zoo on the way home from Southsea in September passed me by. Gutted because it was a great day out. So I’m bringing you a delayed look at what we got up to when we visited. I’d always heard great things about Marwell Zoo and we were looking forward to checking it out. The weather was lovely and… Continue Reading “Marwell Zoo and the Great Brick Safari”

Day out at Dudley Zoo

Day trip to dudley zoo - Bubbablue and me

Zoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we quite like them. Our latest visit was a great opportunity to talk conservation of animals with N as he was asking about why we had zoos. We had a spare day and I was looking for something to do outdoors to make the most of the outdoors and some of the only sun on my week off work.  After comparing Whipsnade and Dudley Zoo, I decided that Dudley was better value and… Continue Reading “Day out at Dudley Zoo”

Amazona Zoo Cromer – an educational visit

Day out Amazona Zoo Cromer - Bubbablue and me .

As you might have read before, I do like to cram in days out when we’re on holiday. We rarely spend a full day at one location when we’re on our own.  Both N and I (although him more), like to have a few hours whizzing around, and then get bored and want to get away and do something else or chill out.  So we did have at least 1 mad day on holiday when we did quite a few… Continue Reading “Amazona Zoo Cromer – an educational visit”