Toddler television and Peter Rabbit

It’s scary how quickly children pick up on the larger than life (and largely horrendous – to adults) toddler television characters.

N’s only recently got into television – firstly Tractor Ted which he was always happy to sit and watch. Part of his routine in watching that, includes him having to choose from his pile of Tractor Ted dvds, and then him putting the disc into the player.

After his soft toy Peter Rabbit disappeared for a fortnight, a friend mentioned that there was a Peter Rabbit show on tv.

Well, unsurprisingly he’s taken to it really well and is a major fan already.  I’ve had to record a few episodes, so they’re to hand when he needs some quiet time.  He’s started really interacting with the show as well – talking about and to the characters, and saying what they’re doing, laughing away at funny moments.

His dad would be pleased that he’s learning about evil badgers and foxes!

What is surprising is that when we’re in the supermarket, he manages to spot the comics and children’s magazines from afar, heads over and starts pointing to and talking to Mr Tumble.  I didn’t even know he’d seen Mr Tumble, but he’s obviously caught it while at his cousin’s.

Thankfully he’d rather be outside than watching tv, and what tv he does watch is acceptable and not grating on adult ears…well, apart from the ‘muck spreading’, ‘baling’ and ‘excavating’ songs.

There is hope for when they move to older children’s tv shows

What television shows do your children like?

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