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Top 10 driving songs – my new car playlist

If you follow me on social media, you may have heard about the fun of getting my new car.  From ‘interesting’ experiences with salesmen to picking up the car and being unable to pay for fuel thanks to Visa card limits, I’m now onto the fun part of driving the car…and learning which car parking spaces I can actually park in (and get out of) with a slightly wider car.

Most importantly though, I’ve been able to dig out my driving songs playlist.

top 10 driving songs a new car playlist - Bubbablue and me

Whenever I buy a new car, on the first drive I always listen to the same song.  It harks back to an ex-boyfriend who always said you should have a new car song.  After having had this song for the last 5 cars I’ve had, I can agree that it’s a great feeling to be driving along having picked up a new car, singing along to one of my favourite and most suitable songs.

As long as there’s been cars with CD players (maybe even back to cassettes), there’s been driving song compilation albums.  Usually comprising soft rock and a lot of Queen.  Not always bad, but everyone likes to listen to something different while driving.

My favourite songs to listen to are generally eclectic, but the best for the car are those I can turn up loud and sing along to.  I’ve decided though, that picking up a new car with a child isn’t conducive to doing this…or not when you’ve got a little person commentating from the back seat about the music, and stating how loud or not it can be.

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My top 10 driving songs:

1, Supreme – Robbie Williams

I love this song, and it’s great for driving.  There’s a great heavy bass beat, and the video was all about racing which probably helped me associate it with driving.  It’s always my go to song for having a first drive in a car.

2, Walking on the Sun – Smashmouth

This song brings back memories, driving memories.  Not quite on the open road, but a weekend visiting a friend at uni in Liverpool when this came on the radio.  I think in the last 18 years I’ve only heard it twice on the radio so it’s a treat hearing it.  It really does help if the weather’s beautiful and sunny, but it just cheers me up hearing it.

3, Africa – Toto

This does get played on the radio frequently. It’s a great track to get a bit of a buzz and sing-along going.

4, When you’re gone – Bryan Adams / Mel C

I do love duets for a sing along, and this is a great one to sing along to.  I admit I’m a bit partial to Bryan Adams songs.  It’s nice and fast paced as well – although that does mean keeping an eye on speeding along too fast to it.

5, Mr Blue Sky – ELO

This one’s a really cleverly put together track with lots of variation in it.  If you’ve got family in the car everyone will enjoy it, and the blue sky reminder is perfect for driving.

6, Wherever you will go – The Calling

Ok, so it’s not the cheeriest of songs, but I love belting this out.  It also reminds me of one great dance I had to it.

7, When I’m alone – Lissie

I’m a little short on female singers, but I love Lissie’s music.  It’s optimistic and great (or not so great) when it comes to earworms.  Like so many others on my list, it just makes me smile and makes me think of getting out and about in sunshine.

8, Uprising – Muse

This song really makes you feel like you’re moving somewhere, and it reminds me of happy times.  This is one of my favourite songs to dance to (and sing along to), so perfect to enjoy driving to.  The lyrics say Victorious, and if you’re in a new car, you’re winning in my eyes!

9, Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Well why not? A great sing-along song, uplifting, and a bit of cheese.  Playing Sweet Caroline makes me smile and that’s always good if you need to relax when driving.

10, Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

I discovered this song like so many others, when watching Glee.  It’s a great song, brilliant for singing out loud, and


Yes, I had to add in something by Queen.  Really, lots of their songs could make my driving songs playlist, but ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ is probably top of that list.  ‘Having such a good time, I’m having a ball’ really sums up driving a new car.

What songs would you have on your driving playlist?  Do you have a first drive song?

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  1. Fantastic choices! I love all these songs. I haven’t heard some for a while, I may have to add them to my play list. I do love a bit of Robbie Williams!! Also, Brian Adams. 🙂

  2. Ha ha love the idea of a ‘new car song’! I called my first car Ruby as it was the first song I heard on the radio when I drove it away ; )

  3. Great list – my playlist is set by my teens and includes Rihanna, Jon Bellion, Marina and the Diamonds, Charli XCX, and I have been playing my Prince – Purple Rain album, which makes me cry at the moment! Kaz x

    1. Interesting mix there. I’ve not heard of some of those. Ssh, tbh I’m a bit sick of all the purple rain plays everywhere.

  4. I can imagine singing no make that shouting to Journey’s “Don’t stop Believing” And Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” too. Have memories of my dad playing that song in the background 😉

    1. It is a great song! My mum would never let us listen to our stuff in the car, just hers, so we’re very up on 60s music!

  5. Great choices! They are all great for singing along too…
    If I drove I would have to have a bit of Queen and also Meatloaf 😀

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