self portrait for BML

BML16 introduction – this is me

I can’t believe that this year’s Britmums Live – or the newly named #BML16 – will be my 4th blogging year attending.  Of course I’m assuming that I can wangle back up childcare in case the OH has a moan or doesn’t confirm what he’s doing anytime soon.  It’s the same every year so I should be there.

Last year was great because I could socialise a lot more including with my Oxfordshire blogger buddies.  And for the first time I’m sharing a room – sorry in advance for any snoring Kate!

Every year I plan to read everyone’s linky entry, every year I fail.  Every year I write a list of bloggers I want to meet and say I’ll organise something definite to meet them.  And every year, I come home with a half ticked list, mostly by fluke rather than anything organised.  So if you’re one of the people I chat to on social media or on your blog a lot, please do come and say hi.

self portrait for BML

My name:  Emma

My blog:  Bubbablue and me…I’m also starting a new blog, which hopefully I’ll have live by the time BML comes around What about dance.

Find me on social media atTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

How I look:  I’ve got brown hair, cut in a bob, probably with a bit of a grown out fringe by then.  Oh and a few grey hairs unless I find the time to dye my hair before then (I’ve been planning to for the last 6 months so it’s not looking promising).  I’ve lost a bit of weight since last year so hopefully will be looking a bit more svelte.

Is this my first blogging event?  No.  This is my 4th BML, and I’ve also been to Blog on Mosi, Blog Camp and this year I’m also going to my first Blogtacular.

I will be wearing…clothes.  Going on past experience it’ll be jeans, birkenstocks or ballet pumps, and whatever top I fancy that suits the weather.

What I hope to gain from #BML16:  a chance to socialise with other bloggers, be with people who understand blogging, get into the blogging zone and learn something.  I really debated this year with the change of format whether I’d come, but I decided that while I wasn’t that bothered, I’d be gutted to see everyone else going and to then miss out.

My tips for a great conference:

  • Relax and enjoy it
  • Plan the sessions you want to go to beforehand so there’s less stress deciding on the day
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Talk to people whether you know them or not, especially if you’re there in a group  – because people really want to speak to you and say hi, and it’s intimidating if you’re always in a group
  • If you’re nervous arrange to meet someone to go in with.  But bear in mind that this year’s a new format and everyone will be a little lost.
  • Essentials – phone and tablet chargers and/or battery pack back up, business cards.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Great tips for what to take to a conference. I am a little scared as it is my first time but I am aslo really excited too – eeks!

    1. You’ll love it. It’s overwhelming at first, but find someone you know and you’ll be fine. So many people to meet, and lots to learn

    1. You shy? Never?! Although it’s definitely hard when they’re deep in conversation with others. I find it hard when people don’t put pictures on blogs/twitter. Pre conferences they should do as it helps remember them. Yep, will see you there.

  2. Hope you have a lovely time, I’m not into these meets. I don’t have proper childcare, plus hubby doesn’t know I blog yet!

    1. Childcare is a pain I have to admit. My OH won’t commit so I have to assume he’ll have N and do school run (or pass it on to my SIL), but usually on the morning I’m stressing about whether I can go or not! My OH doesn’t understand about blogging. He thinks it’s a waste of time.

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