wasgij mystery 22 winter games

Wasgij Mystery 22 – Wasgij Winter Games solution

The timings of the latest Wasgij puzzles was brilliant. Chinese New Year which I completed around that time, and now the Wasgij Mystery 22 Winter Games puzzle. I completed that as the Winter Olympics Beijing was happening.

wasgij mystery 22 winter games

Like all the Wasgij Mystery puzzles, you need to think about what might have happen next after the box image. I did find this puzzle a little hard to get going, but once I did, I moved quite quickly to finish it.

The puzzle solution is set unsurprisingly at a version of the Winter Olympics with skiers,ice skaters, toboggans and the audience up the snowy mountains and needing to be put into place. With lots of the usual comedic snippets to enjoy, it’s a fun puzzle to complete. You can also spot the familiar characters that appear in most of the Wasgij puzzles.

You can find the solution if you scroll down.

If you want to find out how best to complete a Wasgij puzzle without cheating, then I have a step by step guide to doing Wasgij puzzles. Or you can see my puzzle accessories post too for items which can help with puzzling.

wasgij mystery 22 winter games solution

Let me know how you get on with this puzzle.

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