8th birthday interview - Bubbablue and me

8th birthday interview

Another year’s passed and N has turned 8.  He celebrated his birthday a bit before, with a trip to soft play with some friends. Unfortunately he had a horrible cold on his birthday, and was at school. He had his tea at the farm as usual on that day, and his youngest cousin had been invited over too. So he made the most of it – and apart from the number of tissues he went through, you’d probably not have known. He even did his homework without complaining!

I’m not sure how much longer he’ll answer the birthday interview questions, but I love to see how things change over time and against my expectations of what he’ll say.

8th birthday interview - Bubbablue and me

8th birthday interview

1,  What’s your favourite colour?
Green (really? It’s always been blue til this conversation)

2, What’s your favourite toy?
My quad bike that I drive around on. No not that, I have to think.

3, What’s your favourite food?
Probably Christmas pudding. Granny’s Christmas pudding

4, What’s your favourite tv show?
Operation Ouch

5, Where do we live?
Ha ha. P House (got the house and farm name right)

6, What does Mummy do?
Work. Doing a project manager job

7, What does Daddy do?

8, Who’s your best friend?

9, What do you want to be when you grow up?
Errr, agricultural farmer. The one that has the big fields and that (he means arable) I want to work at a tractor sales place like Murleys, like A does.

10, What’s your favourite thing to do with Mum?
Nothing. Except going to the Hub. (Hmmph, won’t bother in future)

11, What’s your favourite thing to do with Dad?
Feeding the cattle

12, If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Um, Wimbledon (only because we’d been talking about it and were watching the tennis at the time)

13, What makes you happy?
My mum not annoying me. My mum playing board games with me

14, What makes you scared?

15, What’s your favourite sport?

16, What’s your favourite book?
Tom Gates

Not too many unexpected answers. N was more concerned with me changing the questions to say ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ and not mummy and daddy, and that no full names would be put in.

So that’s the birthday over and done with for another year. I just need to measure him and check how much he’s grown in the last few months since his height was last checked.

Do you do a similar interview for your children to look back on?

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  1. Happy Birthday to N. It’s sad that his favourite food is something he probably only has once a year, poor thing!! He must really look forward to it, though! When I do things like this, I always get more out of my girl than my boy, he puts very little effort in!

    1. Ah, Christmas pudding gets eaten a lot more round here (Except for me, I can’t stand the stuff), Granny makes quite a lot to freeze, so they do have some through the year!

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