fun and learning activities for tweens

Activities for tweens age 9-12

Tweens, those children between 9 and 12 years, are at that awkward inbetween age. Not old enough to be left to their own devices, most aren’t allowed to roam about on their own, so still need to be taken places. But sometimes too old to play with many toys.  If they’re not fans of reading or are obsessed with computer games, they can be hard to persuade them to go and find something to do. Having a list of activity ideas for tweens can be helpful in suggesting other things they can do, with or without the rest of the family, or friends.

Most of us want to get children outside as much as possible, to get fresh air and enjoy playing old fashioned games or activities that we enjoyed as children. Roller cycling anyone?

fun and learning activities for tweens

Activities for tweens

Food based

  • Baking
  • Create your own mocktail
  • Grow your own vegetables or fruit – in a pot, vegetable bed, or even just from scraps.
  • Cook a meal – look up the recipe, write the shopping list, help buy the food and cook it.
  • Eat out at a new restaurant or cafe and do all the ordering yourself

Outdoors & physical activities

  • Construct a DIY marble/ball run (think like those you see around houses or gardens on social media)
  • Learn to roller skate / roller blade – go to a roller disco
  • Build a bike or scooter ramp using items found around the home/garden.
  • Learn a dance challenge dance
  • Go geocaching
  • Camp out 
  • Learn to start a fire
  • Build an obstacle course and do it.
  • Set up your own mini Olympics – do as a family or with friends
  • Set yoursell a challenge – learn to skip, do a ball or balance challenge
  • Learn a new sport
  • Learn to juggle

Arts, crafts and design

  • Learn to knit
  • Learn to crochet
  • Learn to sew using a machine – make a bag, pencil case, apron, item of clothing
  • Papercrafts – why not learn how to make a flexigon
  • Start a collection
  • Redesign and help decorate your bedroom.
  • Put on a fashion show
  • Tie dye a t shirt
  • Design your own t shirts and get them printed (you can even sell them)


  • Learn to use a camera  and put on your own exhibition
  • Make a stop motion film
  • Start a blog / vlog

Writing skills and educational fun

  • Write a short story
  • Write a letter to your favourite magazine, tv show, or newspaper
  • Learn to touch type
  • Do a Sudoku a day
  • Write a comic or story and publish it
  • Write a play and get friends to perform with you
  • Host a quiz for family or friends
  • Create your own game
  • Interview older family members to find out more about your family tree.
  • Do an escape room – virtual or in person. Or even create your own for your friends.
  • Create a vision board for a goal you have.

Making money

  • Declutter and sell on unwanted items
  • Think of a way to make money – start your own mini business, do a garage sale, make crafts to sell, offer dog walking.

Performing arts

  • Learn a new musical instrument
  • Write a song and record it
  • Do karaoke

Why not also try my 30 experiences for children too.

What activities do your tweens enjoy doing?

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