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Being a blogger – when do you become one?

In my eyes, calling yourself a blogger should be easy. If you blog, you’re a blogger.  You might only be doing it as a hobby, but if you’re putting in the time, if you’re regularly updating a blog, then you’re a blogger.

But some people struggle with seeing themselves as a blogger. They’re just dipping in and out.  Or it’s not their job. I don’t see why bloggers would struggle with this.

Maybe it’s prevalent in other professions or hobbies where there are people who have it as their job full time and also having hobbyists.  It’s the equivalent to sports where you have amateurs vs professionals in my eyes.

Assuming a professional blogger is someone who works full time on (or gains the majority of their earnings from) their blog, nowhere in blogging is there a line which says a blogger can’t enter blogging awards because they’re only doing their blog as a hobby.  And nowhere does it say that only full time bloggers can work with brands and make money from their blogs. It’s not the same as some other activities where you need to be qualified to become an expert in it.

being a blogger - Bubbablue and me

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So why do some people struggle to see themselves as a blogger? 

  • I’m not a professional blogger, it’s not my job
  • I’ve not been blogging a long enough time
  • It’s a hobby
  • I don’t know that much about the technical side
  • I’m making it up as I go
  • I’m only small fry compared to others who’ve been blogging years
  • My blog is tiny

If you have a blog and are blogging regularly, then you’re a blogger. 

A blog can cover all levels, abilities, professionalism, sectors and niches.  It’s not like another job or hobby where you need to really have a lot of technical knowledge, practical experience or a stunning output.

Comparing blogging to photography, I love photography and I’m fairly proficient. I can use manual settings and can explain technical things about taking photos.  I’m a hobby or amateur photographer, but if I called myself a photographer, the expectation is probably a lot above my level. Compared to some people who don’t take photos then I am a photographer, but I’m never going to be more than a hobbyist. 

But blogging is different. You don’t need to reach a level of proficiency because who’s to say what that is. If you write on a blogging platform then you’re a blogger.

I’m not sure when in my blogging journey I changed my mindset to saying I’m a blogger.  Being 7.5 years in, I’d presume it was once I started earning a bit from my blog so about 6 months in. My blog is my hobby but I don’t see myself as different to professional bloggers.  I still want to improve and learn, to better my blogs, and grow them over time.  I love blogging, and as it sits well as a hobby alongside my job. There’s no conflict if I say I’m a blogger.

In my situation I would lead with my day job if someone asked me what I do, but I’d happily say I was a blogger if people were discussing online or social media.

What do other bloggers say?

Katy from Katy Kicker says ‘I think that I classed myself as a blogger right from the beginning 🙂 I figured I was blogging, therefore I was a blogger. However, I don’t compare myself to others and I think my opinion of myself has probably changed a lot in the 5 odd years since I started blogging’.  

Donna from Little Lilypad thinks ‘Even after 10 years, I still don’t class myself as a blogger. I get involved in so many things such as social media management, VA, HR consultancy and blogging, that I tend to go for freelancer as people seem to “get” that more. 

Rachel says ‘I classed myself as a blogger around 18 months in when I started earning from it.’

Sarah from Mum of 3 World recalls ‘I classed myself as a blogger right from the word go. I blogged, therefore I was a blogger. Even if nobody actually read what I was writing!’ 

Kate of The Less Refined Mind says ‘I’m not quite sure why, but I didn’t like to refer to myself as a blogger until I felt confident in what I was doing and had started making some respectable income. Even now I sometimes cringe when people ask me what I do, as I know it doesn’t always have the best connotations.’ 

So much of blogging is about promoting your blog and yourself, so if you’re struggling to class yourself as a blogger, you might want to shift your belief.  Tell yourself you are a blogger, and chances are you’ll act like one, come across more confident about your blog, and hopefully more success will follow.

How long did it take you to believe you were a blogger?

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  1. Oh wow, erm, this is an interesting variant on the “am I a pro-blogger?” question. I’ve never actually heard anyone deny being a blogger. I called myself a blogger from day one but over time it has become a bigger part of my life until it has become my main source of income. I can’t deny it now!!!

  2. I was trolled a couple of years ago and told I wasn’t a real blogger because I use the free blogspot address and not my own URL which knocked my confidence but now I think that if you write a blog you are a blogger no matter what platform you use and how you use it!

  3. Thanks very much for including me. I totally agree. I write stuff online, therefore I’m a blogger. ‘Blogger’ doesn’t mean ‘big blogger’ or ‘professional blogger’. It’s interesting to read different points of view on it though.

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