childrens chatter birthday cake planning Bubbablue and me

Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter

When he was at his day nursery, it was the norm for the birthday boy or girl to bring in cakes or treats for the children in their room on their birthday.  So before his birthday this year, I asked him if others brought treats or cakes in.  He said no, so I didn’t send him in with anything.  It’s always a relief not to spend the evening before baking frantically, so I didn’t think anything of it.

But it was his best friend’s birthday this week and he took in cakes.  Next thing I know, N is telling me all about it and how he’s planning already for next year’s birthday.

childrens chatter birthday cake planning Bubbablue and me

‘Next birthday I want to take cakes in for my birthday.  Like L did. He got to hand them out to everyone’


‘How many cakes will I need to take?’

‘We won’t know yet until we know how your year will be split – you might be still in with reception or you might be in with Year 2’

‘I’ll hand them out, to all the class and the teachers.  And they have to be carrot cake’.

That was a bit of a surprise.  I’m not sure where that came from because he rarely has carrot cake.  Although that and zucchini bread could be a good option I suppose, as long as the kids don’t get told and get put off by the veg in them.  And the bonus is that cream cheese icing is really easy to make compared with other icing that I always manage to muck up.

After the party theme planning he’s been talking about, and now cakes as well, I’m going to have to start making a note in readiness for next year’s birthday.

Do your children take in cakes or treats to school on birthdays?


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  1. I think it’s s great idea that children share their birthday with friends. Our local primary stopped this as one mother complained about all the sweets being taken home. I’d understand if there was a medical reason behind this but their wasn’t and a lot of kids were quite upset over it

    1. I’m not a fan of sweets myself (especially haribo – bleurgh), but it’s only occasional and I think it’s a nice way for kids to share their birthdays with others.

  2. Ooo cake lol any post that involves cake is already a winner with me lol my little ones are both still at nursery so we haven’t done this yet but have it all to come xx

  3. My boys like to take in cake to school on their birthdays. They get excited handy them out and it’s always a treat to eat at break time. I have to say depending on how busy we are I have bought cake and sent it in before if I don’t have time to bake.

  4. I don’t have kids yet but when I was young my mum used to bake us cakes and we would invite the kids from school over to ours to have some cakes and a small party.

  5. Our school doesn’t allow for this sort of thing – which is a bit of a shame! The only time we get to bake for school is when they’re having a bake sale! Carrot cake is lush though – good choice little one! x

  6. I love a good birthday! we are asked not to bring cakes into nursery because of allergies, but we did send in some celebrations because they are wrapped (and delicious) !

  7. Thankfully at my children’s infant and junior schools they just take in sweets or mini chocolates. There’s 90 children in each year and they mix and match for different classes so that’s a lot of children to provide for!

  8. I don’t think they do this in little T’s school, she hasn’t come home with a little cake yet and she’s now in Year 1. Too bad her birthday falls during the summer holidays, bringing cake in is so much better than having a party. But of course, this is just my view and we all know what the daughter wants 😉 x

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