Car colour practise

As mentioned before, N’s not too hot at colours.

I lie, he knows the names of the colours, and nods if I ask what colour they are.  But he’s still obsessed with saying yellow to everything.

Although now we have black as well.  Combined with ‘black mummy’s car’ because I have a new car.  Grandma also has a black car, as has his aunt, so he’s pretty hot on black.

Now when we’re driving round I ask him/tell him what colour car is in front, and any that we go past.  Quite often he still suggests a car might be yellow (‘sweetheart, there’s not many yellow cars around’), and even though there’s limited tractor colours he still struggles with those, but we’ll get there in the end.  Plus it gives me a chuckle when driving and starts conversations that we have.

When we see a certain colour, I try to relate it back to something that he sees all the time, like a (navy) blue car and mummy’s jeans.  Hopefully this will help to reinforce the colours and learn the breadth of them over time.

Do you have any other tips for learning colours?

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