Bathroom copycat and toilet follower

Ok so two lavatories posts on the trot but couldn’t not write about this. My little bathroom copycat. Because of course being a mum means you rarely get to visit the toilet alone.

I always make a point of telling N where I’m going or what I’m doing a) to help with language and b) because generally it means he’s quite happy if I go somewhere else in the house.  But he does love going into the bathroom with me.

He sits or plays in the bathroom in the morning while I have my shower, and he’s just started leading the way when I announce that I’m going for a pee. Very amusing. Although I do think OH needs to start letting N go into the bathroom with him sometimes, otherwise he’s never going to understand about men standing up. The OH was put off a while back when N wanted to put his hand in the way! I’m sure he’s better at taking orders now.

So when N”s in the bathroom with me he’ll stand there, he might try and grab the toilet brush, or try and put the lid down when I’m sat down. But for the first time today, he pointed to the loo roll, then grabbed it from me and bent down to wipe himself! Highly amusing and very cute…I suppose he does sometimes get given a wipe after I’ve cleaned his bottom before the nappy goes on and he’ll make an attempt to wipe, so to him it’s probably the same thing (but with clothes on).

He’ll then pull up his step and want to wash his hands in the basin…very hygienic my son although his ability to dry his hands at the moment leaves a lot to be desired.

I wonder how long his love of washing will last!?

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