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Crawler and explorer

It’s only taken about 7 weeks from him getting on all fours and rocking (or ‘humping’ as my OH refers to it, especially when on people) for him to finally crawl forwards.  Yippee.

Most people I’ve spoken to have said that their babies were crawling within a week of being on all fours…nope, N likes to practice for a while before achieving something. Made for lots of irritation for him and me as he got quite wound up every time he was going backwards.

So now he’s going forwards, and he’s loving that fact.  He seems to have a grin on his face every time he finds something new (new cables, the wii games, the wii zumba belt, newspaper recycling pile, my printer, the stair gate etc).  And along with crawling, he’s also pulling himself to standing on everything. Again, he seems very chuffed with himself.

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Everyone says it’s a nightmare once they start crawling…well, ok so it’s hard to keep track (I keep going back into the living room and wondering where he’s hiding – usually chewing whatever paper he can find!) but it’s so much fun, plus I can now call him to me.  Although I’m now on stairgate number 2 as the first wouldn’t stay attached, and even the second if he pushes hard enough against it, he can nudge it open.  Grr, didn’t want to screw in the stairgate to the banister so went for pressure fit ones – problem is that our banisters are rounded, so there’s no square fit against it.  Still need to put one at the top of the stairs but he’s never left alone upstairs (apart from in his cot) so he’s pretty safe at the moment.

He’s not quite cruising yet, but he has now worked out with his [amazon_textlink asin=’B0002MG6ZE|B000NZQ010′ text=’Vtech walker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bubbaandme-21|bubbandme04-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’164f56f0-723d-11e8-a8a9-9758a20fccc3′] how to put his own feet in front of the other without me moving his feet!  Maybe he’ll take another 7 or 8 weeks before he’s cruising.

How did yours take to crawling and cruising?

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  1. It’s a nice age. You can really watch them develop quickly and learn so many new things from here on it. He’s a real cutie!!

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