den building

Hiding in my den

Like any toddler, N’s a fan of dens.

He’s only recently got into them, but now he’s getting quite adventurous with them.

He loves it when his dad creates a den from the duvet over the radiator as it’s a good space next to our bed (I hate it as it’s a real pain to have to remake a kingsize bed all the time!)  Although the other day, I was invited into it for the first time ever.

den building

He’s also created ‘dens’ from tractors (a line of them round the stairs), and this weekend the teddies have been the ones to ‘hide’ behind.

Tractor den

Not that his soft toys are particularly large or numerous, so it’s funny to see him setting them up around him like a fortress.

teddy bear den

If I try and remove one, or step in, that’s definitely a no no.

‘No mummy, I’m in my den’

He’s got plenty of boxes, duplo, blocks and the like, but he nevers tries to use any of those to make dens!

What have you seen dens made of?

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  1. Ah, that’s so sweet! My daughter loves duvet and blanket dens, too, and of course, cardboard boxes were clearly made to be dens!

    1. We never have large enough boxes before the OH burns them or gets rid. But he’s being very resourceful (if a bit optimistic!) about using other items

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