Toddler delivery of early morning relaxation techniques

Toddlers aren’t renowned for keeping quiet in the early mornings and N’s no exception.  Although he is getting very good at creeping into bed with me in the morning without me realising.  Always good to know I’m not being woken up (especially if I’ve not already heard the OH go out earlier as well).

Once he does wake up properly at around 6.30, or once my alarm goes off, we like to chill out.

Quite often we have the morning ‘change my nappy, I’ve pee’d’ chant.  Occasionally he’ll want to sit on the toilet, although he’s usually already got a newly wet nappy.

He’s also started dragging various books in so we’ll have a morning reading session rather than at bedtime.

But this morning he was in full relaxation mode, sharing it with me as well.

We had ‘I standing on my head’ and ‘I upside down mummy’ as he was doing a downward dog yoga position.

‘Are you making a bridge or a tunnel?’  I asked.

‘I doing like Helen at Yoga Bugs’.  Ah, their weekly yoga bugs sessions at nursery.  Thankfully he wasn’t expecting me to do the same.

After a few attempts trying to persuade me to do the same, he gave up on the yoga and decided it was time for some hairdressing.  Not his of course, but mine.  So I had him brushing my hair while I lay in bed.  Very relaxing (until he was brushing my hair over my face).

toddler hair brushing
Excuse the rough look!

He wasn’t impressed when I went to have a shower and wash my hair.

‘No mummy, your hair’s brushed. Not wash it’.  It almost created a meltdown.  Not so relaxing in the end!

How do your children like to wake you up?

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  1. Grace used to come into our bed all the time. These days she stays there unless we go and wake her or unless its the weekend when she gets into bed with us 🙂 Love those times! Little N sounds gorgeous :)) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks, he is really cute, although it’d be nice if he waited until my alarm had gone off. It’s great doing all the story telling in the morning though – better than evening in a way

  2. Ha ha – I love how wide awake and full of beans they are first thing in the morning. My daughter is much the same, talking about random things first thing in the morning just as you’re trying to wake up!

    1. It would seem cute…if only you were able to get more sleep. But yes, N’s definitely a morning person. I used to be, but think I’ve changed in the last couple of months.

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