medical preparation for camping out

An empty house and a glamping sleepover party

It’s been a long time since parties happened, but now they’re starting back up again. Last weekend N went to a glamping party. So different to the parties we used to have as children, but if you’ve got the outdoor space, a camp out is a great idea for a party.

N was so excited about the party. It was only up the road from us, but the birthday boy isn’t currently in N’s mini bubble at school, which means they don’t get to talk and play anymore. Another boy invited is a good friend too in the same situation, so N was pleased they would all be able to play together with no separation needed.

N was very organised and prepared all his gear early. He only needed sleeping bag and change of clothes, But he ended up taking so much stuff. Self inflating mat, sleeping bag, extra sleeping bag to use as a duvet/blanket, clothes, pjs, and nearly a medicine cabinet of creams which I’d not realised he’d packed.

  • Vicks – not sure why he needed that!
  • Aloe Vera gelly – he did use this several times because he got stung by nettles
  • Tea tree cream – no idea why!
medical preparation for camping out

He left his teddy bear behind, then afterwards said he couldn’t find it – but if he’d asked I could have told him. Luckily he went to sleep fine.

We dropped them all off, and checked out the bell tents. With pallet beds and mattresses, they were going to be very comfy along with a toilet block. The dad was going to keep a watch over them too, but it was a nice group of children going, so there probably wasn’t much to worry about.

It was very strange being home without N. Usually the only time he sleeps elsewhere is when we’re going out for the evening, but we were at home alone. The OH gets chattier over dinner when N isn’t there. Usually he doesn’t like everyone chatting when we’re eating. So it was nice to have a chat which is very rare for him.

The next morning I had an early optician’s appointment so the OH picked up N. I missed out on all the aftermath excitement, but when I arrived back N came in absolutely exhausted. He took himself off to bed, and slept for nearly 2 hours before being woken for lunch.

He’d had a brilliant time. With not a lot of sleep.

They’d played outdoors, had bbq’d burgers and sausages. Toasted marshmallows on the campfire. Played board games and rounders. He reckoned the went to bed around 11.30, and he woke around 5ish. No wonder he was tired. The photos shared looked like it had been great fun.

For 10 year olds, it really felt like a very grown up party. And a great experience to be camping out with your friends, without adults in the tent with you.

I suppose this will be the start of longer times away with friends, rather than always being with us. It’s great for N to get to be more independent, especially with us living in the sticks and meaning there’s not really places he can go to alone without us taking him there. A sign he’s growing up.

Have your children started heading back to birthday parties again post restrictions?

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  1. No, not headed back to any parties, but I am presently organising one for one of our kids. Great to hear of kids getting out and about again though.

    1. Definitely more back to normal for kids here. As ours are in mini bubbles they can’t even speak to some friends in school so outside I’d their only chance. There’s another school party this weekend too but N’s not involved with that one.

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